September 18, 2013

Why Do People Do Bad Things?

As many of you know I live outside Washington DC, in northern VA.

I don't consider myself a DC girl, but I do consider it my city. My husband [eek] and I met playing kickball on the National Mall, I visit museums often and I enjoy the prestige of living right outside the Nation's Capitol. Many of my friends work on Capitol Hill, or various business centers and military bases in DC.

So, you can imagine how scary the shooting on the Navy Yard Monday morning was for me and countless other residents of the NOVA/DC area. I first heard about the situation because Babyspice's best friend [and my wedding planner] texted her to let her know she was okay, since she worked at the Navy Yard.There were countless emails going around in my various kickball teams making sure everyone was accounted for and okay. I'm lucky, everyone I know is safe.

But there are so many families who's lives have been changed forever because of a cowardly act of one man. I can not fathom their pain, their grief or their sorrow. I cried reading the quick paragraphs written about many of the victims. They kissed their loved ones that morning and now are gone in the blink of an eye. Why?

Why do people do bad things?!? Why do people try to hurt others? Why can't we all just love and get along? What makes people think violence is the answer?

Oh how I wish I had answers for my questions.

Our world needs more peace and more love. We as humans need to task ourselves to make the world a better place for the children to come. The violence and senseless killings need to stop.



Jenn said...

I agree with you, wholeheartedly. We need to figure this out, so these senseless horrific things stop happening. And so frequently!

Jamie said...

It is so crazy. People are crazy. It really sucks.

Jamie said...

It is so crazy. People are crazy. It really sucks.

Melissa said...

be strong anyway! think all of the helpers and the good ones! my thoughts are with everyone in the WA! <3

Love, The mind of an exchange
ps: came by trough the blog hop !

Laura Darling said...

It is just so, so sad.

Janna Renee said...

It is so sad. It is beautiful to see people come together and rise above, though. I'm sure you are witnessing it the most. {{HUGS}}

Courtney B said...

This BREAKS my heart!! I am so sad for everyone being affected. Definitely praying for love and comfort right now!