September 17, 2013

My FIRST Non-Weddingesque Post

Okay, well kind of, maybeish.

At least I'm honest right?!!?

But really, I'm going to try hard to keep the wedding talk to a minimum until I start doing all of my recaps. I know it's been pretty wedding central over here in pinkland, so I want to get back to my regularlly posting program. I WILL say that posts will probably reflect my new MRS status a bit, beacuse C and I are learning to live together and I know that will provide some good blogging material ;)!

Anyway, moving on to this past weekend. Since I did LAST weekend's wedding recap yesterday, I figured today I would recap what I did this weekend. You would think that after last weekend's crazy weddingness C and I would take a weekend off and just chill out and settle into our new place right?!!?

HAHA, have you met us?!? If not, let me just say we NEVER stop moving and are ridiculous when it comes to sports, especially kickball. Yep, if you guessed we had a kickball tournament this past weekend you win the 2038403843 dollar price ;)!

If I were to be completely honest, I would admit that I DID NOT want to go to this tournament. It was down in Virginia beach which is the backyard of a team I CAN NOT STAND and it was not with our normal kickball team. We were an "avaliables" team, which basically means it's a team made up of different  people from different teams because their main team couldn't field enough people for a team. Sometimes the teams are awesome, but often it's a group of allstars that aren't able to figure out HOW to play with each other, and therefore don't advance far in the tournament.

But, since my husband [eeeeek, that word] was planning to play, I wasn't going to be left home alone so I committed to play back in August. After I committed I convinced Sportyspice and Babyspice to come join in the fun so we made it a FAMILY [eek] trip.  The three sissys drove down late Friday night to miss traffic and then we all crashed out to try and get some sleep before the early Saturday morning alarm.

It's funny that a week ago Saturday I was getting up bright and early as well, but for a much more fun day :)! There may have been a few comments made Saturday about it being the week anniversary of our marriage [I'm cheesy so sue me]. C's just going to have to get used to it right?

I won't bore you with the whole day's kickball details, but just an FYI my team, A Shot in the Dark [ASITD] kicked grass. We straight up dominated everyone we played and it was awesome. Our team was a team of all-stars and everyone pulled there weight time and time again. We had the talent to win the whole tournament, we just had to execute.

Guess what, we executed and you're looking at the 2013 VBKO Champs, what what!

Yup, we won and we won handily. The team we played in the finals was the home town team and a team I REALLY don't like due to some drama. They were the favorites and we kicked their hineys 4-0.  They didn't even get a base runner on third base, which is a HUGE DEAL! Watching their dejected faces throughout the game was ALMOST as awesome as winning. Yes, I sound petty but I don't care, it was nice to shut them up for once.

C played even more amazingly than usual and was the tournament MVP. Babyspice and Sportyspice both had really good tournaments too which was awesome to witness as the big sister. This was Babyspice's first kickball win so now we all have a tournament win YAY! I played well all day and happened to an amazing play just like C.

Check it out  ;)

And one more look...

Oh look, I'm a GIF too!

You can take the soccer girl off the field, but you can't take the soccer skills out of the girl. IMO I just reacted to stop the ball because I couldn't make the dive to catch it, but it has been toted as 'the play of the game'. Some of the social media guys are trying to get it on ESPN so we will see if it happens. Could be really cool right!?!?

After the win we all drove home which was no bueno. We didn't get in until after midnight but that made for a much better morning Sunday. C and I spent Sunday running MARRIED errands and getting presents from my parent's house so we can start figuring out what we actually have and if there is anything left to buy. Our friends and family were way to generous, it's pretty insane. 

Okay, I almost made it without wedding talk. How was your weekend?


The Pink Growl said...

I joined a kickball team this year, so excited!!

SHAYNA said...

HAHA! I love that your first "non-wedding" post is about kickball! The weekend after Matt & I got married we were already tackling house projects! LOL! Life does go on... or at least picks right back up after the wedding!

Illegally Blonde said...

Kickball scares the crap out of me. Bad experience in like 2nd grade... my friends have tried to get me to play... I mean I did play soccer til I was 16

Jenn said...

Good job on the win! Maybe it was the married couple power that brought you the win? :)

Alisha said...

Looks so fun! I haven't played kickball in forever! Great first non-wedding post (although, I love those too!!)

Katie said...

Awesome stop! Sounds like fun although I would never play kickball. hahah

Bitzy said...

You make a pretty sweet GIF!

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

That looked like so much fun, Pinky! I did a 10k last weekend, yay! Might sign up for another one soon.. And I tried to recover from said 10k ;-)