January 31, 2014


"Getting to know alllllllllllll about youuuuuuuuuu"

Today I'm linking up with Leslie for a 'Getting to know you'

I thought it would be fun to switch it up, to keep 
things freshie fresh here in pinkland.
Hi friends, my name's Pinky!

I'm a 30 [eek] year old gal that lives in Northern Virgina, 
right outside Washington D.C.
When I was young I moved around a lot, because my father was in the Army,
but we've lived in the NOVA area since I was in first grade. 

I've worked at the same communications conglomerate for seven years.
What started out as just a job for a year or two has become a job
that I don't really care for, but one that allows me to have a life I enjoy.

I've been able to travel for mission trips to 
Brazil[x2], New Orleans[x2] and Mississippi [x5]
which all were amazing experiences. 
I also have enough vacation to be able to travel for various
kickball tournaments all over the US. 

Speaking of kickball, that is the sport I was playing
when I met the man of my dreams aka Le Husband.
We met playing kickball on the National Mall three years ago
and started dating a few weeks after we met. 
The past three years have been the best years of my life
with many wonderful memories and fun times.
Winning the championship in Vegas in 2012 
is one of my favorite memories with C.

This past September we were married, in a perfectly us ceremony,
surrounded by our closest friends and family.
We're still in the newlywed bubble and enjoying our time
together as just husband and wife.

Le Husband is the perfect addition to my already 

My family is extremely close and I'm so blessed to 
call each of them MINE!

We're LOUD, full of energy and love and somehow
everything has the opportunity to turn into a party
when we're all together.  

My friends have nicknamed us the "Brady Bunch"
and it's nickname I ADORE!

 My Mama is one of the kindest most genuine people you will ever meet. She has more energy than me sometimes, and has the biggest heart in the world. I'm her 'minime' in the looks department and often in the antics department too. As many mother-daughter relationships, we've had our ups and downs but, she truly is a friend, as well as a mother. My wedding wouldn't have been HALF what it was without her and we had so much fun on my wedding day.

 Daddy is the foundation of our family. Poor introvert is surrounded by four, female extroverts and often gets out talked. He takes it in stride though, commenting on how the oxygen is constantly 'sucked' out of the house from all the talking. He's the calm of the storm and the man I've measured every boyfriend against. Being the first born I was named after him and that's an honor I hold dear to my heart. Having him walk me down the aisle and give me away at my wedding was amazing. He kept me calm as always and we had a blast surprising everyone at the reception with a special dance during our Father/Daughter dance.

My two sisters are my best friends and I can't imagine life without them. We always got along, but it took us all going to college for the best friend bond to truly form. They are who I call when I need advice, when I'm upset or when I see something funny. We are always laughing [at each other or together] and when we get together watch out, it's a party and a half. I mean who else wears weird hats meeting a sister at the airport?

They were my co-maids of honor and they did an amazing job. I had the best bridal shower and bachelorette party and they helped me out when I felt stressed. I can't wait to be there for their weddings and beyond. They are my super heroes and role models and I love watching them rock the world!

 2013 was the most incredible, whirlwind of a year and now I finally feel like I'm back on solid ground. Le Husband and I aren't quite ready for children as we have many travel plans and things to accomplish before we get the title of Mom and Dad. 

Our biggest goal for 2014 is figuring out exactly where we are going housing and job wise. I personally, am ready for a drastic job change, but need to know where I will be living before I start looking at WHAT I want to do or be. 

Ideally I would love to work in the sports industry
 or with children in some capacity, but we will have to see
what the future brings.

Pinkpersistence was created  in 2010 as a creative outlet and a place to focus my thoughts, while in a tumultuous relationship. I didn't have a comment for the first year, but enjoyed being creative and posting my thoughts on the internetz ;)!

The past three years plus I've learned a ton about myself and met some incredible women. I've formed friendships that I would never have found without blogging. Crazy to think that the internet brought these amazing ladies into my life. I've learned a lot about blogging and myself and am looking forward to what 2014 holds for this lil space.

A few random facts:
I despise feet.
I've never broken a bone.
I was a huge tomboy growing up.
I like dogs more than cats.
I didn't break 100 pounds until sophomore year of college.
I have never seen the movie, The Patriot.
Spy Game is one of my favorite movies.
I've visited four of the seven continents.
I can cross my pinky toes.

Well, that was fun. I hope you enjoyed getting to KNOW me!

Looking forward to learning about y'all today :)!


Jenn said...

Fun post even though I already knew aloof this about you but it's fun to read anyway :) happy Friday friend!!

Angel said...
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Angel said...

Hi!! Stopping by from the link up. I sang that song as I was writing my post too!! I haven't watched the Patriot either.

Illegally Blonde said...

Love hearing about you even know I know you. And blogging has been the best thing for me since it also brought me you. xoxo!!

Nikki said...

Love this! I have been kicking around the idea of doing a post like this for a while just have not done it yet. I should I know I have a ton of new readers.

Mrs. Kee said...

I am loving this link up idea that Leslie came up with! It has been so much fun to get to know my fellow bloggers better. It sounds like you had an amazing year! Your wedding pictures are gorgeous!

Katie said...

I love your wedding dress, so pretty! And meeting your husband while playing kickball is awesome!

Alisha said...

Love this! These facts are so much fun! :) Great post my sweet friend!

A.M. said...

Loved this post! I think we live dangerously close to each other IRL ;) Cocktails may be in order soon!

Jamie said...

Dog lover for life!

{Jessica} said...

Loved reading all of this about you today! Everything I learn about you makes me even more glad that we are friends:)

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Such a fun post. I knew somethings and learned a few. Spy Game was such a good movie. Love all the missions you went on, what great locations too.

Mary Baloun said...
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Mary Enjoy The Ride said...

hola! glad I found you through the link up...what a awesome name! considering mine is boring 'mary' im kinda jealous you get to be named after my fav color... :)

Nina B said...

i love that you met your husband playing kickball!

Courtney B said...

I LOVED reading this and getting more background on you! You're seriously the cutest! And you and your sisters relationships is what I dreamed of having as a little girl. I just have 2 brothers but I've gained some awesome sisters in law through marriage! I hope I can give Mia a sister and teach them to love each other the way you girls do!

Carolyn said...

Love this! :) I'm so proud that I knew all this already! HAHAHA