January 16, 2014

It's Thursday........And It's Random

****warning, possible food post, wink wink***

1] I have three books on my kindle that I need to read before the end of next week, as they have to be returned to the library. Yes, THREE! That's a lot of pages and not a lot of time. Hope y'all are ready for multiple book reviews :)

2] My husband, is pretty flipping awesome. I'm so flipping glad he's mine and ALL MINE! hashtagnewlywed!

3] We cooked an amazing and simple meal on Tuesday before a CAPS game and I thought I'd share it. Usually I'll do a whole post, but that takes forever and this is really simple. Directions: Cook pasta [or omit on non carb days like we do], saute onions, mushrooms and garlic in a pan. After about five minutes or until everything is tender add the shrimp [we use frozen, shelled, uncooked shrimp] and a squeeze of half a lemon, plus some zest if you want. Season with salt, pepper and some red pepper flakes and cook until shrimp are done [or warmed if yours precooked]. Combine on a plate or in a bowl, hit it with some parsley and green onion and voila, dinner is served.  It's quick, easy, filling and delicious. We also had a side of two veggies to accompany said dish. Let me know if you try it out and send me an email if you have any questions.

4] The Caps lost on Tuesday night and I was so annoyed. They played EH and the game went into overtime AND a shootout and I was exhausted. Is it too much to ask for a good game and a win?!!? I mean really!

5] I'm a classical music junkie. I played in the orchestra from fourth grade until high school and through classes learned all about composers, minor thirds, one-ta-la-ta-li-tas and enjoy all realms of classical music. From Bach in the Baroque period to Grieg in the Romantic era, I look to composers for comfort when I want some chill, but enjoyable music on my commute home. C was driving my car the other day and Bach's Fugue in D Minor came on, so I conducted and played the air organ for him. It's one of my favorite pieces of work and I'm so thankful C let me act like a child, while I enjoyed the music.

6] I played dodgeball last night. Yup, dodgeball, another children's game. It's a fun 'sport' to play, but I definitely like kickball and soccer better.

7] This will be made sometime this weekend, I can promise you!
Annnnnnnnnnnd that's all she wrote. Cheers friends!


Jenn said...

Your meal looks SUPER yum. I'm gonna have to try it, soon since you know I love me some shrimp! :)
Ahh!! books all at once?? I can't read multiple books at the same time. I wish I could, but I can't. I hope you get them all finished before they're due!

Nikki said...

I just had Mr. Big Truck pick up shrimp to make one night this week or next! Ha!

That s'more thing is on my radar to make too! MMMMMMMMMM

Illegally Blonde said...

adding that meal to our rotation... and the smores... I die! I love a random Thursday post, hence mine today.

Katie Elizabeth said...

That pasta looks so good! I love pasta dishes with shrimp in them. And whatever that dessert was at the end - smores? Yum!!

Alisha said...

That meal looks delish, I am going to make it for my husband ASAP, he will love it! Thanks for the tip! Oh, the smores look to die for. YUM!

Bitzy said...

If you need more time to read the books on your kindle, I got a tip from a coworker this week that if you turn off the Wi-Fi on your kindle, the book can't get taken off your kindle (however, I wouldn't make a habit of is cause it does get into a bit of squishy territory if people are waiting on you for a popular book and I have no idea if the library issues any penalties for late ebooks but supposedly she's done it a couple of times).

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Dodgeball or kickball would be so much fun to play again! That S'Mores business needs to get in my mouth, soon!

Brittany said...

That s'mores dip looks sooooo good!! It is like the perfect winter version to eat on front of the fireplace :)

Kristin said...

OK, you were right. And thanks for the heads up. That smore dip is no joke....I WILL be trying that!

Jamie @ You Gotta Have Hart said...

I'm a little befuffled.. how do you return three different books to the library when they are on one Kindle? While I've only slept 2.25 hours in two days, blonde, and never owned a Kindle-- it just seems crazy to me. Also, I'm sad I didn't get an invite to that yummy dinner with shrimp. OH EM GEE!

Janna Renee said...

You guys do no carb days? Does it really work? I tend to get crabby without carbs, but I need to change up my routine. Feeling stale in the healthy eating department!