January 29, 2014

Waiting on the WOOOOSH!

Like many people at the beginning of the year, Le Husband and I
vowed to get our tails back in shape.
We are both tired of feeling sluggish and being much heavier
than we should be right now. 

We've been hitting it hard at the gym for the past three weeks.

I'm talking really hard. Heavy lifting three times a week and I'll throw in a day or two of cardio if I have time. Usually Zumba or a short run or sports game [soccer, flag football, dodge-ball].
I feel strong 90% of the time, although there are days where
I feel just like this:
Tooooooooooooo heavy!
I've basically been mirroring what Le Husband is doing, to see if that gives me different results than my normal workouts. I know he will have success quicker than I will, darn boys, but it's nice to be doing the same thing so we can work out together.  Gym dates make the workout more fun too. 

I can see/feel myself getting stronger as the weight lifted
has been increasing steadily.

When we first started, I was maxing out at 65 lbs on most chest exercises and 80 lbs on squats. Now I'm up to 80 lbs on chest and 100 lbs on squats. Every time I increase my weight and make a full rep I get excited. I'm looking forward to watching the weight increase more as we lift more and more.

Dead lift
Lat Pull-down
Good Mornings
Dumb Bell Fly
Ball Curl
55 X 8
45 X 8
40 X 10
30 X 10
15 X 10
10 reps
65 X 8
55 X 8
45 X 10
30 X 10
15 X 10
10 reps
70 X 8
65 X 8
50 X 10
30 X 10
15 X 10
10 reps
75 X 8
75 X 8
50 X 10
30 X 10

10 reps
70 X 10
65 X 8

65 X 10
55 X 8

While the strength is awesome, the fact that the number on the scale isn't going down is not awesome at all. I'm not to the point of frustration yet, because it took me four months to accumulate the extra weight, so I know it's going to take l o n g e r than four week for me to really see/feel the effects.

I'm just waiting on the WOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!

The start of the

The point where the ell bees and the inches start [dropping].

And the clothes start feeling looser.

The point where I can actually SEE a difference in my body.

That's what I'm desperately waiting for right now.

I worked so incredibly hard the last three months before the wedding
and even though I felt there was more I could have done
to be more cut, I toned up well.

I even toned up a lil too much and my dress was a tad bit
loose, which made for a fun safety pin moment
on the big day :)! Thank goodness for amazing bridesmaids.

I'm soooooooooooo ready to get back to that girl.

Hopefully the clean eats, lifting and cardio will be my ticket
back to the body I know and love.

So woooooooooooosh, hurry your tail up mmmkay?!


Jenn said...

I'm sure that it will happen--it sounds like with all of the weights, you might be gaining MUSCLE weight, which weighs more than fat. I'm sure you're toning up, and soon you'll be able to feel a difference if you can't see it in the scale. I never pay attention to a scale (I don't even own one)...I always judge by how I feel and how clothes and things feel and look.

Nikki said...

I am so so glad to see that you are not afraid to lift and to lift heavy! So many women are afraid to because they think they will bulk yup. FOOEY! Heavy lifting = more post burn = more inches burned = lower body fat = WIN WIN WIN! You got this sista!

Illegally Blonde said...

I feel ya and hear ya on the whoosh front. Seems like guys can lift one finger and weight falls off! Keep at it and keep getting stronger.

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

It will happen. You are doing everything right so it will come! I am always wanting to see immediate results but like you said it took awhile to gain it so it will take some time to lose it!

Erin LFF said...

I feel ya girl!! We've been hitting the weights hard again (slacked a little around the holidays) and I'm finally starting to see the tiny differences. It's so hard to be patient, I know, but keep after it! You'll see those results soon and it will SO be worth it :)

Dale Janee said...

Great post! You really inspired me too that you're both working out together. Thanks for sharing the details too - definitely hitting the gym tomorrow. :)