January 13, 2014

Just an average, normal weekend

Morning ladies, how are you today?

I hope things are going well and you're ready to 
rock out another week. 

Sooooooo, can I ask a question?

Am I the only one in blog land that thinks that my weekends
aren't always blogworthy?

And and I the only one that thinks that's a bad thing?

We didn't do super duper amazing, but it was an amazingly,
average, normal married weekend to me!

Friday night we went to a Caps game, which isn't anything unusual since we have half season tickets. But, this time we had different tickets because we were meeting up with C's aunt and uncle. The seats we bought were pretty incredible and the game was fantastic too. The Caps ended up winning, by one goal WOOHOO! :)

After the game we ended up going out for drinks until way past midnight, which was a ton of fun since C doesn't get to see his family very much. We all had a great time and had some fun drinks too. 

Saturday morning brought pouring rain and none of the 60 degrees the weatherman promised me. C's football game got canceled so we headed to the farmers market and did some cleaning at home. We had a kickball reunion pot luck Saturday night and it was deliciously fun. 

I made my amazing Oreo cupcakes and ate a ton of food. 
It was so nice to see everyone and gear up for the 2014 season.

Sunday morning I headed to church and we revisited our baptism's which was a pretty cool experience. After church I visited with my family for a hot second and then came home to the apartment to eat brunch and do some stuff around the house with C before running errands.

We did a very ambitious workout before we went to the store and gollywolly am I hurting. I'm talking a workout including chest, dead lifts, good mornings, db pec fly, inverted rows and lat pulldowns. Hurts sooooooo gooood y'all!

After the gym we headed to the store to buy food for the week. We've really started to watch we are eating again, because there was a bunch of weight gained on both our bodies since the wedding, which is NOT OKAY! I'm not complaining at all, since I know why I've gained the weight, but it's time to get back into shape, FOR REAL this time.

C found this awesome dry erase board that we have on our fridge now
and it's awesome to see the food/workout plan for the week. 
Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our lovely Christmas cards. It was so amazing to feel so loved this year with all of the cards we received. Our doorway is going to be so lonely now :(

Since we worked out so hard earlier in the day, we were able cook a bomb-diggity dinner which I absolutely inhaled. Talk about deliciousness!

The rest of the evening was spent prepping food for the week [holla], watching NCIS, blogging, reading and of course some cuddling :)!

I'm ready to get after it this week and hope you are too. 

Make today AMAZING!!!

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Nikki said...

I don't think there is ANYTHING wrong with having a "average" weekend. I have found lately that is what most of our weekends have been and I can not lie I have kinda liked the down time. I like that dry erase board for meal planning! I need to find us something like that!

Illegally Blonde said...

I love my average weekends. I too am getting back on the in shape bandwagon and prepped all my lunches this week, thanks to J who grilled chicken for two Sunday!

Jenn said...

Your weekend sounds perfect! Average weekends are the best...gives you a chance to full unwind from the week and just enjoy hanging with one another :)

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

I guess everything can be blogworthy if you make it so;) However, I'm really just AWFUL at remembering to take pictures so then I think my recaps would be even TWICE as boring without them.. lol

Kristin said...

You really need to stop posting about all these incredible meals you eat....I'm hungry enough as it is on Monday mornings. :)

Alisha said...

I agree with you , generally - I am a pretty boring person. LOL. You my friend, are anything but boring!

Glad to see other hockey fans around! Sounds like a lovely weekend with the hubby!

Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

haha you are funny. "Average" weekend?? Sometimes you just need to relax and have some down time. Nothing wrong with that! Love your meal planning! and YUMMM that food looks delicious!
xo Showered With Design

Katie @ House. Life. Girl said...

That dinner looks AMAZING! And a hockey game? Sounds like a "win" of a weekend to me!

Found you through the linkup :)

Happy Monday!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

I totally feel like I had a not so exciting weekend but I got a lot done. Just not exciting.

{Jessica} said...

I am currently sitting at my desk starving after taking a look at that yummo meal! Delish! And nope - you're not the only one who feels like her weekends aren't worth blogging about sometimes. But one day we will look back on these weekends and be so glad we wrote about them!:)

http://sweetcanadian.blogspot.com/ said...

Your not complaining since you know why you gained the weight? You don't happen to be pregnant do you? Lol, i think you said you didn't want kids just yet but i had to ask.

The Rachael Way said...

That sounds like such a great weekend!!

Carolyn said...

OMG. That meal. YUM. Can you come cook for me? :)

Courtney B said...

You two are so cute! And I think this sounds like an AMAZING weekend! And hello? I LOVE NCIS! But I'm behind a couple seasons... I wish they had it on netflix!
I rarely blog about my weekends, we are lame!

Brittany said...

I always feel like I have an ordinary not blog worthy weekend.

Love the dry erase board with your weekly meals.

Bella said...

"Am I the only one in blog land that thinks that my weekends
aren't always blogworthy?" That's exactly how I feel a lot of times when recapping my weekend LOL.

Good job on preppin your food for the week and jotting it down on a board. I know I've also been more health conscious of what I eat because I also need to get in shape.

Thanks for linkin' up with us!

vanessa • with great heart | creative services studio • www.withgreatheart.com said...

You are NOT the only one who thinks that, and this post reminds me of my weekend posts haha and I don't mind! I like having my memories jotted down in the same place. Makes me smile when I read back on me and my husbands regular weekends together. It's normal, wonderful best friend stuff!

Janna Renee said...

Haha average? That sounds perfect!

Kelsey @ Random Randts said...

Totally agree with the non-blog worthy weekends! However, yours sounds pretty good!! My non-blog worthy weekends usually consist of the couch and sweatpants!!