January 20, 2014

Work It Out Weekend

Whew, this weekend was a doozy of a fun
and packed with a heck of a lot of stuff.

If you remember, Friday was Le Husband's birthday
so we went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican joint
with La Familia. 

As usual, dinner was delicious and the mariachi band was lots of fun.

After stuffing ourselves with yummy Mexican
we headed to our favorite froyo joint, Menchie's for dessert.

It was a wonderful, low key celebration, which is just the kind
of celebration C wanted this year. 
He also enjoyed my card, almost as much as I did buying it.
First birthday card to my husband :)
Saturday morning I was up BRIGHT and early to meet Babyspice
for a four mile memorial run. 
This past week in Richmond, a woman was killed by a drunk driver while
on her morning run, leaving behind a husband and three children. 

The community quickly galvanized behind the family and Saturday was 
#MEGSMILES day. Everyone was encouraged to run in honor
of Meg and so Babyspice and I joined the 90,000+ runners Saturday morning.

A friend of hers joined and we ran freezing in the 32 degree weather,
but we realized we were blessed to be able to run. 
It wasn't as bad as anticipated and I felt good about doing my part to honor Meg.

You'd think my workout would be done for the day wouldn't you?
Well, you're not married to captain active like I am.

Babyspice and I subbed for C's flag football team and despite my initial hesitation, I had a lot of fun, caught a few passes and even scored a touchdown.
Actually, all three of us helped with scores so we looked like allstars ;)!

The plan was to get home, veg out and then go out to dinner,
but we were both so wiped we decided we would rather stay in to eat.
So we manned up, hit the grocery store for the week, cooked a banging dinner
and watched tv and movies before passing out early.

But, before we passed out, I made good on my promise
and backed this deliciousness. #SINFUL!

Because we wanted to enjoy our Sunday afternoon, we chose to wake up
for early church, instead of the usual 11am service.

We enjoyed the service, came home and got more done before noon
than we've done in a whole day.

Before we left for the gym, we put together an amazing slow cooker chili,
that was the best thing to come back to after kicking
our own butt's at the gym. HURT SO GOOD!

Since everything was done early in the day, we were able to be lazy and
enjoy playoff football all afternoon. I love being lazy, after working hard.

How was your weekend?

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Nikki said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend! We went out for Mexican too! So good! How was the s'more thingy? We have not made it yet but it is on our to make list. We also made chili in the crock pot on Sunday! Great minds think alike?!?! LOL!

Illegally Blonde said...

love slow cooker sunday meals, just makes the day that much better! and those smores, I die...

Kristin said...

I really need to start planning some slow-cooker meals for our Sundays. It's so nice just to have something delicious waiting for you! Glad you had a good weekend!

Cami said...

Low key weekends are the best :)
Crockpot Sundays - great idea!! Although I do Crockpot Mondays...Tuesdays...Wednesdays...Thursdays...lately. HAHA :)
Happy Monday xo

Joey said...

Sounds like y'all had a great weekend! And what a great idea about the run! I'm sure it felt really nice to be a part of something like that. That dessert looks absolutely divine!!

LittleBird said...

Oh my gosh! Just reading about your busy weekend made me sleepy haha
Even though the circumstances are awful I think it's so awesome that your community came together like it did. Thats the stuff that makes me smile. :D

Stopping by from the link up. <3

Alisha said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!! Love it! Great idea about the slow cooker meals on Sunday - I should start doing that too! Have a great week!

Eva Marie Taylor said...

Cohosting #fundaymonday and wanted to stop by! Unless it's taco night, pretty much every dinner is made in the crockpot! And that is so sad to hear about Meg but so great of the community to come out and run in support of the family!
Eva @ evamarietaylor.com

{Jessica} said...

Getting ready to put chicken tortilla soup in the slow cooker right now - love crockpot meals! Sounds like you all had a great weekend (and a very productive one!)Happy Monday, friend!:)

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh, all that good. Yum. Happy Monday!

Bella said...

Sounds like you had a very productive/fun weekend!

What a horrible outcome for that woman to get killed while running. That's also one of my fears while I would go for a run and now I rather just go to a park. People out there are too dangerous to drive let alone be aware of pedestrians/runners.

That chili looks amazing!

Thanks for linking up with us!!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Wow. You had a very full and productive weekend! Mexican food is my idea of a good b-day dinner too. Good choice! What a great turnout of people for the Meg's Miles event. I feel less guilty vegging out on the couch after a good workout.

Brittany said...

Yum that chili looks so good.

So cool that you participated in Megsmiles, I had heard someone mention it on fb but I didn't know what it was. Very cool that so many people ran for her.

Carolyn said...

You two are so cute! :) And so productive! I wish I got that much accomplished this weekend! HAHA Instead... I didn't change out of my pajamas!

Alyssa said...

That Ice cream looks sooooo yummy! Now I want some! haha!

I just started up a new link up called "a condensed version of my weekend" and would LOVE if you wanted to link up! Happy Monday!

Monica L said...

Looks like a great weekend! I made chili this weekend too, I think something is in the air :)

Katie said...

I like how you said the plan was to go out to dinner but you were so wiped you would rather stay in. So you went to the grocery store (which I avoid at any cost) and made dinner (which I also like to avoid). hahah

SO awesome of you guys and so many others to run in honor of someone that they probably never met. Times like that remind me there are still so many good people in this world! :)

Jenn said...

Looks like a fun, and yummy-filled weekend! Good for you for getting out there to run and support a positive person/event!