March 15, 2013

Confession Friday

I confess... I TOTALLY forgot about my 3 year blogging anniversary! Guess that's what an engagement IRL will do to your blog priorities. Happy three years to me!!!

I confess...This week was my 500th post too, holy cow when did THAT happen?!?!

I confess... I'm not Catholic [Methodist] but I was/am COMPLETELY taken with the pageantry, secrecy and the celebration of choosing a new pope. I was glued to the tv during the conclave and was ecstatic about the white smoke and bells. #Habemuspapam #Francis

I confess... I think Pope Francis is adorably cute! :)

I confess... I want to be a professional wedding dress modeler. NOT a model, I just wanna wear the dresses all the time. Babyspice is going to build me a time machine to help with this request. THANKS!

I confess... Despite being a non crafty person, my DIY 'Will You Be My...' gifts turned out pretty cute. I'm super excited to share them next week for SPD.

I confess... A St. Patrick's day card C's grandmother sent me MADE MY DAY! She is the matriarch of the family, and this was MY first card from her welcoming me to the family. I even received an Irish blessing. WOW, I'm getting a whole new 'family' soon, exciting!

I confess... Army Wives is killing me! I hate when characters are killed off, especially the good ones, wah! But, I'm SO excited I've found people that watch the show, even though I'm three seasons behind.

I confess... I did the HAPPY dance when C and I finally set a wedding date. EEEEK! It's really happening y'all.....and soooooooooooooooon



Jenn said...

LOTS of happy things in this post! Happy blogiversary and 500th post! And YAY for a wedding date!!! Love that his family is fully embracing you with cards and blessings :) SO nice :)

Jamie said...

Ewww. The pageantry and secrecy of the Catholic religion totally grosses me out!!! I think its so outdated and creepy. Happy Friday!

SHAYNA said...

Happy Blogaversary! So glad you are watching Army Wives now! & How exciting that y'all set a date!!! Happy weekend friend!!

HerNameIsTrina said...

WOW! your blog is amazing.. its so pink and girly. :)

Following you now.. xxx


Ashley said...

yaaaay wedding dates!!! ya'll are making things happen fast! i love it. you should totally go on say yes to the Atlanta. for obvious reason.

Susannah said...

I loved reading these confessions. :-) Hope you had a great weekend!

Janna Renee said...

That is so sweet that his grandmother sent you a card. Yay for new families. They really do become a part of you :) Congrats on three years, love! I am so happy that blogging brought us together <3