March 21, 2013

SPD Link-Up: MOH/BM Gift

Hello friend's it's almost Friday!!!


Normally Thursdays are ehhhhh,
they are near the end of the week,
but JUST not that extra special FRIDAY right?!!?

However, I'm puuuuuuuurdy excited for today's post,
because it
1] Involves my wedding EEEEEH
2] Is one of the first CRAFTY crafts I've done in awhile
3] Had pink in it ;)!

Yes, I'm a nerd, but you still love me right?!?!

Alright, let's get this SPD started.

Even before I became engaged I pinned different fun ideas
for asking bridesmaids and maids of honor.

I KNEW I wanted to something fun,
when the moment arrived,
but nothing too crazy because,
at heart I'm a simple girl :)!

I originally was going to do wine labels,
but then I came across THIS PIN:
Can you say PERFECT!!?!?!?!?!?

 I mean, besides the fact it's BLUE and NOT pink,
but you know I figured how to pinkify my gift.

I was a little nervous about actually PAINTING
the champagne flutes, but the directions
on Something Turquoise were pretty easy.

I'm just going to give a high level form of directions,
because I don't want to copy and paste her instructions,
so head over to her inter-webs for the play by play.

What you will need:
Champagne glasses - I bought mine at World Market for $2.99
Glitter Glass Paint - Martha Stewart at Michael's
Brush/Sponge - Martha Stewart at Michael's
Stickers - NOTE make sure they are big enough stickers
Painting Tape - Martha Stewart at Michael's

I chose to put each girl's initial on my glass,
so I blocked off the square using tape.

I just eyeballed the shape because measuring
was NOT working for me.
But, I think they all looked awesome when done.

I did 3 different coats of paint,
with an hour or so in between each coat.

I let the third coat sit for about 30 minutes
 then started to peel the tape 
and stickers away. 

The tape was pretty easy to take off, I just went quickly so 
the edges came off smoothly.

There were some issues with the stickers though. 

I'm not sure WHAT stickers I should have bought,
but the ones I did were hard to remove from the glass,
and did not come off with clean lines. 

I had to clean up the T with an exacto knife
and just deal with the S's not being 
the cleanest of letters.

Initially I was uber bummed out and even 
text CLO my frustration. 
[Thanks for talking me off the cliff ;)]

But, after a few deep breaths and the 'letting go
of perfection I realized they looked pretty decent.

I finished the glasses two weeks ago,
and then was just waiting on the tank tops
I ordered from Etsy to arrive. 

Once they were in my possession I got to work
wrapping and decorating my boxes.

I based the boxes off of the 
but added my own flair. 

What you'll need:
Lots of pretty pink ribbon
Extra embellishments
Pink tulle
Pink tissue paper
All of your GOODIES [not those goodies, hah]!

I'm normally not an embellish wrapping kind of lady,
it takes too much time
and no one appreciates it anyway.
But, I really wanted to go all out on these gifts.

I taped down my big sparkly ribbon on the 
inside of the box and then taped the tulle over it.

I wanted the girls to see pretty wrapping
before they dug into the gifts.

My box included:
Mini Champagne [or Malibu for one girl]
Hand decorated champagne flute
Tank top saying Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid
Pink light up ring

Once the fun gifts were wrapped on the inside,
I got to work beautifying the outside.

I had already written 
"Will You Be My..." on the front
so all I had to do was add 
pretty ribbons and sparkles.

Our colors are pink and green, so 
I brought a lil bit of the green as an accent
and thought the bows turned out wonderfully.

Sooooooooo TADA!

My sisters [my M{s}OH] love everything
and I'll be 'asking' my two besties growing up
to be my two bridesmaids.

I'm happy I was able to craft something
sweet and simple for the 
special ladies in my life :)!

If you're in the market for fun ideas
head over to Something Turquoise
she has some other great ideas. 


This isn't the SPRINGIEST of crafts,
but still thought I would link up.
Simply Smithwick

Have a great day friends!


Jenn said...

So so so cute and so fun! Love this!!

Monica said...

What an awesome idea! They came out great!

Nikki said...

Tis came out so so cute!

Life in the Heights! said...

So cute!! It came out looking awesome!!

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J and A said...

I love that DIY!! Good work, lucky ladies!!

Kristen said...

These came out awesome!! I'm sure they will love them!

BriBrooke said...

Very cute and crafty!

Katie said...

oh my goodness! this is SO adorable. I love it all! you did a really great job and I'm sure your girls loved it!!

thank you for linking up with us!

Carolyn said...

These are SO CUTE!!!!! Seriously. For a non-DIYer, you did GREAT!! :) :) :) So proud.

the girl in the red shoes said...

SO cute! These are going to be a hit!

Leah said...

What a sweet gift! So creative.

Leslie said...

What thoughtful gifts! All of it looks so good. How could anyone not want to say yes ;)

Caroline said...

So creative! I love it!

Holly said...

I seriously love these! You did an awesome job with them :)