March 5, 2013

Monthly Checkin/Goals

Today's the day.

The 'Pinky's being held accountable' day.

******** I need to preface these results: My boyfriend PROPOSED mid-month and it took me two weeks to get my feet back on solid ground. If there EVER was a time to use an EXCUSE, this would be it...RIGHT!?!?!*******

1] Try three new recipes. Yeah, the last 2.5 weeks of the month were spent eating take out. Who can plan meals when your head is in the clouds and only thinking wedding?!?! That and the many congratulatory dinners/drinks we had with friends/family helped this goal get in the red.

2] Attend at least one Zumba class a week. I went to Zumba three times one week, one time another week, and then yeah, all my week nights were spent hanging out with my Fiancé.

3] Spend at least five minutes every night/day stretching. First week I was baller, rest of the month, page the fail whale!

4] Make a list and NOT OVER PACK for SFKO. BOOM, did it! It may or may not have been because I was still in the clouds and really didn't care what I packed. I had the least amount of clothing ever for a kickball trip. Funny how one piece of jewelry makes you realize how LITTLE your closet matters ;)!

5] Finish a new book. BAZINGA! I finished two separate books on my Kindle, thanks to two different plane flights to Florida. :)

Goals for March:

1] Lock in a wedding date!!!!!! We are really close right now, but between different venues for the reception. We are looking at a September date which is only 6 MONTHS AWAY! So yeah, an actual date this month [by next week] is KEY!

2] Finish 'Will you be my MOH or BM gifts'. I've mentioned I'm not the craftiest crafter, but I'm really excited about my lil box oh goodies for the ladies in my wedding. I'm waiting on an Etsy something and need to finish up one more craft before they are done. Cross your fingers for me!

3] Yoga at least once a week. With all the wedding stress I KNOW I will need a de-stressor and would rather NOT turn to drinks or unhealthy food. Yoga, especially power or hatha yoga ALWAYS makes me feel better and more Zen. Once a week shouldn't be too hard for me to achieve. 

4] Do something nice/sweet for Le Fiance every week. Y'all he went all out for the engagement and I want to make him feel special too ya know? Whether it's lil notes, making and cleaning up dinner or knowing when to give him his space through the stress, I'm going to make a conscience effort to be an extra sweet fiancé this month.

5] Make wedding list including EVERYTHING that needs to be done. Sheeewiiii chop suey, y'all there are 2304803284302 bazillion things to get done and it's a bit stressful trying to get the list in my head. I need to take a moment, breathe, and write it all down so I can cross things off. 'How do you eat an elephant? One bite a time"!

These are doable fo sho! Expect ALL green next month! BOOM!


Illegally Blonde said...

You will be able to do it. I planned my wedding in 5 months and from 350 miles away. its possible. lean on friends and family and register for The Knot it has a great timeline.

Georgina Castellucci said...

There are some wonderful goals girl - you are SO thoughtful! Here's to wish you even more productivity, health and happiness :)

Jenn said...

I think you totally have a pass here on missing some of these goals. Getting engaged is a great excuse :)

Nikki said...

Lists will be your best friend while planning a wedding! Enjoy it though!

Holly said...

A September wedding sounds perfect! Just wait til you have a date set, it feels all official then! And what about honeymoon plans???

Janna Renee said...

You've got this! March is your month! I will be keeping you accountable each Monday ;)

kailyn marie said...

Those are great goals!!!! I should probably get on a monthly goal list..haha I used to do it.

Carolyn said...

Great list!! :) And as a September bride, I definitely think it's a good month!