March 14, 2013

My 'Come to 30' Moment

So next month, is birthday month.

On April 15th to be exact.

Those of you sending presents, don't worry, you have time ;)!

I'm a birthdayaholic, so any birthday is 
a biiiiiiiiiiig reason to celebrate.

But, this year I'm turning the

Yes, that's right bunnybears,
I'm going to be THIRTY!

And where most people have THIS attitude:

My attitude is more like this:

When I was 28 or so, I did NOT want to 
even THINK about turning 30.
I sucummed to the self doubt/feeling 
"all my friends are married/have kids"
and the 

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there right?

But, awhile ago my attitude found a BIG time change.

Suddenly I realized, turning 30 is the BIG START of something
new and fun, NOT the end. 

My 20s were AMAZING and frustrating.

I partied like a rock-star
lived on too little
broke hearts
had my heart broken
made new friends
lost old friends
and grew up into the girl I am today.

But, looking back nothing REALLY happened in my 20s.

While I was just living life and playing kickball,
friends were getting married,
having babies, buying homes etc.
There was definitely some ENVY going on 
in my heart and in my head.

Cue the 'Wah-wah-wahs'
"EVERYONE else is married before 30"
"I expected to be married with kids by 30"

But you know what?!?!

 WHO CARES where everyone else is.
They aren't me, they aren't MY life,
so  WHO CARES!?!?

I'm happy I am where I am 
at this moment.

Many of my friends are already
THERE in life, but,
I get to experience it all fresh and new.

I JUST became engaged and will be 
I'll be buying my first HOUSE in my 30s.

I'll be having babies and creating a family
IN MY 30s!
I'm ecstatic to start a new decade fresh.

Now, sweet dear wonderful friends out there 
that ARE married or have a home or have babies,
or have it all,
PAHLEASE do not THINK I'm coming down on you 

MAD props to all of you! I think it is 
SO WONDERFUL you are there in life
and look forward to watching your lives grow.

But, this is me, and who I AM 
and how I feel

I LOVED the FREEDOM of my 20s,
the good with the bad
and am happy to start my 30s with
the love of my life by my side.

I'm confident that turning 30 doesn't mean the END
of my freedom either, it just means that 
I'll have my OWN ROOTS.

So, I guess what I'm really saying is,
BRING IT THIRTY, I'm ready for ya!

 Now, I realize the fact that I AM engaged
makes it a tad bit easier to be content,
but FULL DISCLOSURE, MOST of this post
was written before my engagement and scheduled for March.

Having a ring does make seeing the future a bit easier,
but I had honestly changed my mentality
back around the holidays.

I'm sure I'll still be hit with the green monster
every now and then, everyone does.
But, the age envy is gone. 
Life is happening for me when it's supposed to
and I believe it's the same for everyone.

While the MAIN purpose of this post
was to document my thoughts and feelings,
there is a part of me that HOPES it helps 
all the lovely ladies
out there grappling with age stress.

God's TIME is perfect time.

I wouldn't change my life in anyway,
now is my year and the 30s are 

Birthdays mean cake
 and well
 I just love cake!


Nikki said...

30 ain't nothin! I had a semi life crisis when I hit 25 and when I rolled to 30 I was all BRING IT! It's all in the attitude and clearly yours is awesome! Happy almost birthday!

Illegally Blonde said...

Eat drink be merry and eat lots of cake on your 30th! 30 is nothing just wait til we're 40!

Jenn said...

Love this, and love you :)

Carolyn said...

Birthday twins! :) I'm so excited to share that special day with you again! Love you boo bear! And 30 is going to look AMAZING on you!! :) #pinksparklecrayolaboxfriendsforever #spicymambostyle

Laura Darling said...

Woo hoo that's awesome you have such a great attitude about 30! It's going to be a fantastic year for you! :)

Morgan said...

I'm so glad that you have that mindset!
This makes me think of the movie 13 going on 30!

Janna Renee said...

This is a great way to look at it! You know that I'm an eternal optimist, so this is how I look at things too. I feel like I will be so much more prepared for what is to come in my 30's, or at least I hope ;)