March 13, 2013

The 'To Dos' Before 'I Dos'

Source: via Pinky on Pinterest

The day has come to actually PLAN my wedding.


I'm a big list girl.
I love writing things down
and crossing them off. 
Something about the strike through
just makes me feel accomplished ya know?!?!

I've comprised a list of what I THINK I need to get done
before the big day.

OHMIWORD it's a doozy! 

Set a date
Book the church
Book the pastor
Book a reception venue
Sign up with online wedding website
Build our wedding page for family
Block hotel rooms for family
Finish BM/MOH 'asking' gifts
Send out gifts 
Get wedding shoes
Decide on our color scheme
Make first dress appointment
Choose BM/MOH dresses
Decide on Save the Date picture
Get addresses from friends
Send out Save the Dates
Book Florist
Book Photographer
Take Engagement Photos
Pick out and buy invitations
Decide on videographer
Decide on Groom's suit
Buy Groom's wedding band
Create wedding favors
Decide on wedding hair/makeup
Hire hair stylist
Decide on veil
Buy gifts for mama, daddy and MOG
 Decide on BM/MOH 'thank you' gifts
Book a DJ
Set up cupcake/cake tasting
Decide on and Groom's gift
Figure out tipping envelopes
Decide on mini-moon location


I'm sure I'm forgetting some big ones,
anyone out there wanna
help me out and tell me what I'm missing?!!?

Oh, and don't tempt me with the
JUST ELOPE comments.....
it might just happen ;)!


Jenn said...

Im sure the list will get longer with all of the small details but you've got a good one to start off with :)

Holly said...

You've seem to hit the major things! There will be lots that you add on though like where to take photos on the wedding day and who will be responsible for transporting your bag of bride things (make up, hairspray, etc) on the big day!

SHAYNA said...

Girlfriend you have a GREAT list started! I'm with you, it's so important to me to have "to-do list" so I can check things off as I go. It's a great reward program! HAHA! But, I HIGHLY recommend as your go-to wedding website! I used them from the get-go. They have an online to-do list where you plug in your basic info & wedding date then it gives you a timeline of when things need to be done by certain dates. I printed mine off & it is in my wedding binder (I printed off all of my ideas from Pinterest for colors, dresses, hair, ceremony & reception decor, etc & it's been a life saver!) They even have an iPhone app too that you can check. I believe the website & the app are synced together so if you check something off on one it's off on the other.

I'm sure you have a ton of help IRL & it seems like you have an amazing support system but, if you have any questions I'm happy to help!

Janna Renee said...

You've got this ;) Can't help you from experience, but I have faith!