March 8, 2013

Confession Friday

::::Deeeeeeeeeeeeez arrrrrrrrrrrr mi CONFESSSSSSIOOONNSSS::::

I confess... I am 234908230480234 kinds of excited to try on WEDDING DRESSES this Saturday! EEEEK! My sisters, mama and a few friends are coming with me and I CAN'T WAIT!!!
Source: via Pinky on Pinterest

I confess... I may be planning to TRY and sneak some champagne in coffee mugs to the appointment. Hey, it's cause for celebration right??!?!?

I confess... I lobbied to work remotely on Wednesday because of the 'snow storm' that was predicted and I did NOT want to deal with traffic. My boss allowed me to work remotely and we received a whopping inch of snow. That turned to rain an hour later....oooooops!

I confess... While home, I watched six episodes of dance moms. OH MY TOE SHOES, those mothers and Abby are cray-cray! Can't wait for "Dance Moms Ruined My Life" in 2025.

I confess...I'm really upset a craft I did for my BM/MOHs didn't turn out the way I wanted. Hopefully I can fix them, otherwise I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm mad! #bridefail

I confess... I just did a double take after I wrote the word bride. THAT'S ME!!!!

I confess... Lil Miss 'don't eat processed foods' ate a S'mores Pop-Tart for breakfast this morning. #notime #so good!

I confess... I think I've become one of THOSE engaged girls. I went to the gym this week [finally] and actually missed my ring while I had it locked up in my locker. I've only lived with my beautiful ring for three weeks, but it already feels a PART of me. #nerdalert

Happy Friday Friends!


Nikki said...

Have fun tryin on dresses. Word to the wise try on ALL DIFFERENT TYPES of dresses. Even if its "not your style" ya never know!

Jenn said...

Super exciting stuff for you this weekend! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

Carolyn said...

Love this! You'll have the best time ever tomorrow! And definitely bring champagne! I brought a bottle to my dress fitting! HAHA :) Love you friend! Have a FABULOUS weekend!

Erin said...

Oh my gahhhhh wedding dress shopping. It's like my favorite thing on earth that I've never done or even gone with a friend to do. So exciting!

Georgina Castellucci said...

I love love love this post and am so happy to see you so excited :)
Champagne most definitely NEEDS to be in those darn mugs girl!
Have a great weekend and keep us posted xo

Holly said...

OMG I am ADDICTED to Dance Moms! They are seriously crazy. At first I was just interested because they are only about an hour away but now I cannot miss it. Obsessed!

Yay for wedding dress shopping! It's such a fun experience. Hope you found the one and were able to say yes to the dress!!

Janna Renee said...

I never take my ring off! I would flip out if I had to leave it in a locker!