March 12, 2013

Things that make me go GRRRRR


* Writing a super awesome Twitter/Facebook post, posting and then once it's out there, realizing I've misspelled a word, or written they're instead of their.

* When I tell a story to someone and I can TELL they aren't listening to me.

* Judgmental and entitled people.

* Reading a blog that is NOTHING but sponsored posts.

* Jamming to 90s Pop Pandora radio and all of a sudden they start playing slow Celtic music. I mean I enjoy Celtic music but not while reliving my teen years with BSB and Nsync.

* People that live in apartments with big dogs.

* Not hearing back from a manufacturer about doing a review.

* K.Stew and Rob Pats....I mean just ugh!

*Cold weather without snow....what's the point?

* Planning an outfit before checking the weather report and then having to change it. Sometimes I just wanna wear the summeresque outfit!

* When someone parks in MY spot at work. Open your eyes dude.

* Coming into work in the morning and realizing people didn't empty out the coffee maker.

* People that don't text back.

* The attitude of some dudes on my soccer team, let's grow up hokay?

* Not having anything fun to post.

* The fact that cupcakes are worth so many calories!



Jenn said...

hehe, I agree with you on pretty much all of these. Esp jamming out to some reliving the teen years haha

Georgina Castellucci said...

I hate the Facebook post part too because they allow us to edit our comments but not our darn post how annoying is that!?
I also hate when people throw dishes in the communal work sink, when people put out baked goods (like those calorie laden cupcakes) and coworkers literally will take one, unwrap it and leave the wrapper ON THE PLATE.
Where did you grow up!? Where are your manners?

Illegally Blonde said...

people who do not use their blinker and then turn in front of you; def not texting back; people who can dish it out but not take it!

Carolyn said...

OMG! I'm right there with you. Especially on the cupcakes! HAHAHAHA

Nikki said...

Totally agree with you on the cupcakes!

Shannon Page said...

Having someone not listen to you while you're speaking? MOST ANNOYING THING EVER! I always stop and ask my hubby "before I finish...ARE U EVEN LISTENING TO ME?" I hear ya girl!!

lil desiqua said...

I agree with all of these, especially not texting back! Um hello, I see you all over FB, tweeting, and instagramming all over the place so I know you didn't "lose your phone" or whatever lame excuse you're going to feed me- just text me back! UGH! So rude!!

Laura Darling said...

The coffee maker thing drives me crazy too! It's not that hard people!!!

Janna Renee said...

I get sad that cupcakes are so high in calories! They are just so damn good. I can also relate to...well...all of them!