December 13, 2013

Christmas Cheer for the Time is Near

We are two weekends away from Christmas,
are you as STOKED as I am?!?!

I hope so.

Santa and the baby Jesus will be here
before we know it. 

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeet's talk Five on Friday!


1] OUR CHRISTMAS CARDS - They are out! They are complete! They are perfect, perfect, perfect! I've had them done since the end of November, but wanted to wait until they were all sent out before I shared them here. I chose to go with for our FIRST Christmas cards and I wasn't disappointed. Yes, I spent money, but I was able to get $25 off plus, $20 off for going with the express service and NO shipping cost, so I'm pretty happy with the total cost. The quality is well worth the price and everyone I have sent them to has loved them. Of course I went with a newlywed picture and did the cliche play on words 'married christmas' but you know what, I don't care if it was cliche. I'll only get to send out my first married Christmas card once, so I did it up right :)!

2] Pandora Alarm Clock - I may be the last one on this party bus, but I think it's JEANNNNN-US! Especially during the holiday season. An alarm clock that wakes me up with Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas songs?!?! Yes double please! Does anyone else use Pandora for their alarm?

3] My favorite Christmas Album - 99% of the Christmas music played on the radio is awesome. It's joyful, festive and it always makes my commute so much nicer. I look forward to the Christmas season every year, because it means I get to hear THESE swoontastic voices. If you haven't listened to 98 Degree's This Christmas, do yourself a favor and check it out ASAP! This Christmas CD is hands down one of the best cds out there and one you need to put in your yearly rotation. The swoonyteen in your heart will thank you! 

4] Father/Daughter Dance - I seriously can't stop watching it now that I have it on the bloggy [thank you BABYSPICE]! It was such a wonderful moment in time and the 'surprise' worked out perfectly. My daddy is such an amazing guy and trooper when we were working on our choreography. Check out the 1:50 minute mark for our surprise!

5] A Sad Reminder - Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of a very sad day in America. A sick, trouble young man succumbed to evil and stole 27 beautiful souls from this earth. Sweet lil babies were taken too soon and teachers became protectors when they sacrificed their lives to try and save their young pupils. The grief that struck the nation a year ago was palpable and sadly creates a feeling of sadness during a normally joyous season. I'll be working with the children at my church for a Christmas pageant tomorrow morning and I'll definitely be hugging them a [lil tighter] and saying prayers for the parents that lost a child last year. Tragedies like this can help remind us how good of a life we have and that our small, daily sufferings, really aren't much in the grand scheme. < 3 Newtown < 3

My little bit of cheer today is not about me,
but about a sweet lil girl.

This story was floating around yesterday, 
and I after reading I KNEW I wanted to share it here. 

A little girl, who's parents are deaf, took it upon herself
to sign her Christmas program so her parents
could 'hear' what she was singing. 



Jenn said...
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Jenn said...
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Jenn said...

I loved the 98 degrees Christmas album back in the day. I bet I still have it somewhere at my parents' house--I should bust it out haha.
Your card is sitting on our bar area with our other cards! :)

Jessi Otey said...

LOVE the Christmas card and dance!!!

Ashley said...

Pandora has an alarm clock feature??? Totally using that instead of the boring ring tones!

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

You are after my own heart snagging those Christmas card DEALS! Thatta girl!!! Your card turned out PERFECT too! EEEE! :) And love...thanks for the Sandy Hook reminder. It was the weirdest, scariest, most heartbreaking day I ever had as a kindergarten teacher. Makes me want to send an email out to my former students telling them how much I love them!!!! xx

Ashley said...

I can't believe it's been a year already - such a heavy heart for those families.

That little girl is too precious - what a personality!

Vicki said...

Awww your dance with your daddy was soooo sweet!!! And I adore that little girl who signed for her parents!

Taylor Jeavons said...



Dani said...

I'm super excited for Christmas this year and i love your card, it is so cute.

Julie Joy said...

Oh my goodness! I love your dance! My husband and I did a surprise dance too! I have a video on my blog :)
Merry Christmas!


Angi Solle said...

I literally loved EVERYTHING about your 5 on Friday. Your daddy daughter dance made me cry. (I'm extra emotional around the holidays, don't mind me) and then laugh. You guys are seriously awesome! I had never heard of that Pandora alarm clock (how cool?) Thanks for sharing!


Elle Sees said...

oh i love some old school 98 and nysnc christmas cds! i can't help it!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Your cards came out great. Love that your Dad got into the dance. Wow blast from the past with 98 degrees. I shared that same video for my 5 for Friday. great minds think alike! Love it, and it was so sweet!

Carolyn said...

I loved your Christmas card! Absolutely gorgey! :)

And that dance... DYING! SO DANG CUTE! :) :) :)