December 11, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Reception Part One

Reception time is HERE! I know, I know, it's taken me forever and I'm doing it in parts, but you know what, I just love all of the pictures and it's so fun to look at them all again.  

Indulge me won't you?!!?

Once we were done with pictures in DC, we headed to our reception venue. While we were taking pictures, our guests were enjoying some delicious drinks and cocktails. We got back to the reception hall with a few minutes to spare before the reception 'officially' started so the wedding party was able to  mingle with people and grab some food and more drinks.

I used the precious few minutes we had to freshen up and just relax.  I should have snuck into the reception venue to see how everything looked without pepole in there, but luckily my photographer was able to snap so amazing pictures. 

Instead of regular table numbers, C & I chose to make our own table markers.  We used pictures of ourselves in different places that meant something special to each of us. It worked perfectly :)!

If you couldn't tell, we made our cupcake stands so we could use them as our centerpieces. They were quite easy and saved us a ton of money and our guests loved having dessert at their tables. YAY, cupcakes!

I loved how colorful our tables were, the florists and our wedding planners did an incredible job. It was so amazing how simple the decor was but how enchanting the tables looked. I was so happy!

I LOVED how our cake turned out. Even though there was some 'drama' it looked oh so fabulous and tasted amazing too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the flowers pop on the table and the simplicity of JUST flowers as a topper instead of a something.

My beautiful late grandmother, who was there in spirit. Wasn't she gorgeous?!

The second part of our wedding favors. Our first favors were on the escort cards that we created to look like a ticket to a game, since we are both so athletic. On the back we shared our favorite recipe [paleo ketchup] which is one we use almost every week. My mom wanted to stuff a small favor bag for guest and they included VA peanuts [me] and Ohio buckeyes [Le Husband]. Guests loved both favors and it made me extremely happy that they were both so uniquely us.

All of a sudden our planner came back to our lil alcove and said it's PARTY TIME!!!!!!!! YAY!

The guests were ushered into the reception hall and then the parents and wedding party were introduced. 

Daddy and Mama B

C's Parents

I told the wedding party they could do something COOL when they were introduced, but didn't make it mandetory. I just wanted them to feel comfortable, since a few of them don't like to be the center of attention. Everyone had a really fun entrance though. C and I were peeking through the doors while 
they were announced.


And then it was our turn, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOO!


Once we got onto the dance floor, we immediately went into our first dance, which was too our song "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland.


Since it wasn't your typical 'wedding song' I invited the wedding party to jam with us for a bit. It helped keep C from being too uncomfortable as the center of attention too.

After the song was over, our pastor led us in a word of prayer and blessed the food.

My parents then welcomed everyone and Mama B was so cute thanking everyone in attendance.

Daddy had a great speech too and then he led everyone in a toast.

While we were getting our food, the photographer took these incredible pictures, which I adore. Our programs were so fabulous, I love how they came out. Pretty and sassy!

While we were eating we had the Best Man and Maids of Honor speeches. I really wanted them to done during dinner to relieve any pressure on the speakers and to keep everything moving. I didn't want to break everything up later in the evening.

C got a lil roasted, but it was fabulous in my opinion.

My sisters did a combined toast and it was so great. They kept it funny, light and not too roasty which kept me from crying. Gotta love hearing your lil sister's views on your personality traits in front of all you love. It was quite special!

After the toasts, we finished eating, did some mingling, and then it was time for dancing again.
We chose to have the Mother/Son dance first, since C and his mom aren't a big fan of being the center of attention. They were super cute dancing together and our photographer got some great shots.

I love this picture!

I expected to be super emotional when I dance with my daddy for the Father/daughter dance. It was a special moment I had thought about for many years and one that I will now treasure forever. I kind of let Daddy pick all the songs, since he has two other daughters to dance with sometime in the future. 

He chose to make a compilation of a few different songs and I helped pick out the parts from each song that I thought would work best.We didn't want the dance to be too long, but we wanted to hit all the right moments.

That dancing was mostly smily and happy, but when Butterfly Kisses came on I got a lil bit weepy. The line "Walk me down the aisle Daddy" hit me hard. Cue teary eyes!

Luckily, we had a more upbeat song come on next and I was able to pull myself together for some fun turns and dress swishing.

I'm thankful we put the songs together the way we did because I needed the extra moments to pull myself together before we surprised everyone.

All of a sudden the music went SKKKKKKKKKKKURRRRRT and the beginning of NSync's chorus to "Bye Bye Bye" started while my dad and I looked at each other like "WWWWWWWWWWWHAT" !!?!? But then, when the chorus started immediately went into the dance from the music video.

IT WAS AWESOME! We practiced for a week together and I was really hoping we both remembered everything and WE DID! The CROWD loved it and I was thrilled with their response.

My daddy did so well and I was SO PROUD OF HIM!

Fabulous Babyspice caught it on camera for me which I SO LOVE! If you want to see our slick dance moves, go to minute marker 1:50!! We might not be the best dancers, but we totally rocked it out!

Come back for the Reception Part Two :)

****Unless otherwise stated, all photos are the property of PinkPersistence and RMN photography. Please ask permission if you wish to use any photos***

Cake: Bon Bonerie  || Flowers:  Brookhill || Cupcakes: Georgetown Cupcake || Groom's Cake: Gift from Husband || DJ: Wheels of Steel Productions || Entrance - Pontoon  Little Big Town ||| First Dance - Stuck Like Glue Sugarland || Mother/Son Dance - Forever Young Rod Stewart|| Father/Daughter Dance - Compilation of Daddy's Little Girl , Faith Hill;  Butterfly Kisses Bob Carlisle; Somewhere Over the Rainbow Iz; Bye Bye Bye Nsync


Jenn said...

Your father daughter dance was really sweet and the Nsync part was my absolute favorite! It was a surprise but I was laughing and smiling the whole time! So fun! :)

Illegally Blonde said...

OMG Love! All of it. I so wish I had been there to see you and share in your day. But the dance? oh I love it....Your daddy is too too cute.

Janelle {Undomestic Bliss} said...

NSYNC! I love it! Your reception looked like so much fun. I really love all the flowers and color!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Everything looked amazing! Love the song you chose for the father daughter dance and busting out to N'Synce is awesome!

Claire said...

hi! LOVE that I just hopped over here In time to see the photos, what a fabulous day! and your dad is so cool! :)

Kristyn said...

How fun! I love seeing pictures from receptions! So exciting!

Thanks for linking up!

Monica L said...

Wow! What a beautiful reception! What were your wedding favors?? That dance with your dad was awesome!

Lynn {A Taste of Country} said...

Great pictures! You have such an adorable family..the photos definitely show the love and happiness y'all share. And your father/daughter dance..awesome!!!

Katie Elizabeth said...

OMG so much to comment on! First of all, love your table numbers - so cute and such a different idea than just a boring old number! Your pink shoes? Amazing! And that dance with your dad was awesome! I love that he got into it, too! Thanks for sharing!!

Katie said...

Fun pictures!! I really like that you & your Dad did a couple songs blended together. That's fun! Ohh man Butterfly Kisses that song gets me every time!

{Jessica} said...

That video is priceless! LOVE that your Daddy danced to NSYNC with you. Amazing!:)

I've said it before, but I will continue to say it - your wedding was just so 'you!' You did such a great job personalizing it for you and your hubby!

Jordon said...

Everything looks so perfect!! Your bridal party is cracking me up! I was an emotional wreck during our father daughter dance. My dad suprised me with a slide show and it was total waterworks for us both!

Thanks for linking up!

Ashley said...

LOVE that pic of you where you're looking through the door. you are stunning my friend!!

and your tables are the BOOMBBBB!

and your grooms cake was pretty fab too. never seen one like it - ca-ute idea!

Shayna @ The Fancy Yancey said...

Looove these!!! Looks like y'all had SO much fun!!!

Carolyn said...

Looks like such a fun wedding! I just can't get over your dance with your dad! SO CUTE! :) I bawled during my entire dance with my dad! :)

Mary said...

YAY *NSYNC!!! Your reception looked amazing!!! What was in your favor bag? It's so cute! Also, I love the program where your veil and bouquets were pink! Did you make that??