December 18, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Reception Part Two

Oh my goodness, we are almost done with recaps!

How on EARTH can that be?!?!

Okay, I'm sure I'm the only one thinking that
but seriously, I'm a lil sad recaps are almost done.

Alright, I'm a lot sad :(!

Moving on now.

Today I'm sharing the cake cutting, garter, & boquet toss. 

I mentinoed last week how MUCH I loved our cake
and the display and I was alil bummed
we had to cut in to the beautiful artwork.

 Someone is intently checking out the cake!

C told me before hand he wanted to do a cake smash.
But, expect him to try and pull a small stunt. 
As you can tell by my face, I tried to pouty face my way out of it :)

Clearly, it didn't work, haha

Pinky is NOT impressed!

I wasn't mad, because it was all in good fun and he didn't 
mess up my make up, which was the rule!

At least he gave me my picture right?!?

Part of my gift to C was the groom's cake. Can we say PRESSURE!?!?
It turned out SO well and I'm SOOO happy he loved it!

After the cake cutting, we had some more time to mingle with guests,
chat and enjoy a bit of dancing too. 

I'll be sharing a select few family reception pictures
next week, so I'm just focusing on the 
'special' events today!

Faster than I expected it was time for the garter grab.

C wasn't particularly excited about this part in the beginning,
so I took it upon myself to make it 'more exciting' for him. 
I had a special garter made in his college colors
by someone on Etsy as a surprise.

LOVE the peek of pink shoes and socks here!

My dad nearly STOLE the show when he pretended to be upset when my husband
put his hands up my dress.

Sportyspice played the part perfectly too!

He was super excited/impressed that I bought a Kent State garter. I'm so glad that he enjoyed my lil surprise. And this is one of my favorite pictures from the night :)!

Once the garter was off, it was time to toss the bouquet!

I know some people think this is 'dated', but I was so 
excited to toss my bouquet to my friends and family.
Personally, I think it's a fun tradition :)

All the Single Ladies..... :)

They are so excited ;)

Getting ready....

Bouquet got UPS!

I overshot the sissys [SOOOOOOOOOOOORRY]!

My oldest cousin caught it, which was super cute!

Next up, the MEN!

The joy of winning, and the kersplat of defeat.

The winners!

After all the 'events' were complete it was time
to just DANCE, visit and celebrate the night away.

Come back in two weeks for more!

****Unless otherwise stated, all photos are the property of PinkPersistence and RMN photography. Please ask permission if you wish to use any photos*** 

Cake: Bon Bonerie How Sweet It Is James Taylor || FlowersBrookhill || Groom's Cake: CakeFest
Boquet Toss: Single Ladies Beyonce ||| Garter Toss - Pour Some Sugar on Me Def Leppard


Nikki said...

LOVE the pic of you guys high five-ing! So cute! Where did you get your cakes? They look awesome!

Jenn said...

It was SO funny when your dad looked upset and your sister was holding him back during the garter part. Everyone was cracking up! :)

Kristyn said...

These pictures are so cute! Love it. We aren't doing a bouquet toss only because we are some of the last of our friends to get married. Not many people would be able to catch anything. HA!

Thanks for linking up!

Jamie said...

It looks like such a fun party!

Brittany said...

Ha I love that your dad acted upset that he was going up your dress! So funny

Young and Fabulous said...

your wedding seriously looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!! I am so inspired to have a fun wedding like this! love it!

im so iffy about the cake smashing thing lol only because Kurt and I are the type that if I smashed cake in his face, he would come back 10x worse, getting it all in my hair an stuff hahah

love this :)
xoxoxo said...

I love the mirror there, so great for pics.

Here they do the garter by mouth. I had my favorite sports team since my husband isn't into any sports at all, and i put the other piece in my car lol.

Sad that it is almost over.

Katie said...

My husband wanted to smash the cake in my face also. But he wanted it everywhere all over my face. I told him prior tot he wedding that wedding makeup is NOT cheap. You will NOT ruin it!!! hahah We have a picture also of me giving him a look like do nottt smash that in my face mister! Thankfully he was good and nicely fed me the cake hahah

Your garter sesh could be the cutest one I've seen. I love it with your Dad involved and you two high fiving :) Awesome!

Monica L said...

So fun! I love the idea of groomscakes and tossing the bouquet is a must!

Carolyn said...

OMG! I love all of these! The garter pics are PRECIOUS! The dad one cracks me up! Such a gorgeous wedding!

Janna Renee said...

Quit making me cry!! I love the Groom's cake, I LOVE that he loved the garter, I love that y'all make such a good team, and who the eff cares if tossing the bouquet/garters are dated. That was one of my fave moments when we got married!