December 27, 2013

Holiday Card and Gift Swap!

Happy saddest day of the year friends.

WOOF, that doesn't sound good does it?

But, for me it's kind of the truth.

December 27th is the most depressing day ever because
Christmas celebrating is over and people go back to being
their Bah Humbug selves.

I love the happiness and anticipation of Advent
 and now we are just back to the normal day to day stuff.

LUCKILY for me, today I get to post some CHRISTMAS STUFF
thanks to the fabulous:
Perception Is Everything

When sweet Janna posted on her blog about doing a holiday swap
I JUMPED at the chance to give/get fun gifts.

I gave a gift to the lovely Jamie. It's been so fun getting to *know* her
and I've found a new blog to follow which is amazing. 
I hope she enjoyed her gifts as much as I enjoyed
looking for and buying them :)!

I was lucky enough to have the host herself as my gift giver
and homechica did NOT DISAPPOINT [like duh!]

She sent me an abundance of beatiful goodies and EVEN
put my package in a pink envelope! 
Does she know me or what?!?

Check out my swag!
*Essie nail polish and Clinque blush; Morracon Hair Oil; Two lovely bracelets; Menthol lipgloss; Pink and silver hair clip; Blessings journal and her beautiful Christmas card [soooo beautiful]
I was certianly spoiled huh?

Thanks for everything sweet, sweet friend! 
You truly are the kindest lady! < 3


I also participated in the Christmas Card swap and was paired with the lovely Brittany.

I was so excited when I saw her card in the mail,
as I am a Christmas cardaholic :)!

Her card was promptly hung up and displayed
on our Christmas card wall!
Sorry for the poor quality of picture, my iphone was being a piece of poop. Go *here* to see a better quality picture on Brittany's blog. It's super cute!
I think her family picture is quite festive and fun don't you?


You know what, I'm in a much better mood after writing this post. 

Christmas may be over, but the spirit and cheer 
will live here a lil bit longer I think :)!

Hope you have a fabulous Friday!


Nikki said...

I totally agree with you that people all of a sudden go into grinch mode right after Christmas. So sad.

Looks like you got some awesome stuff for your swap!

Lets swap cards! I have some left!

Shelby Co. Productions Photography said...

SO glad I'm not the only one who says that! I always say, the day after Christmas, that I'm sad it's over. All that anticipation and then it's done. Blah

Jamie @ You Gotta Have Hart said...

I LOVED your gift! I'm still rocking my nail polish and I've threatened the fiance with his life-- he's not to light my candle because I want to be able to enjoy it! All of my goodies were perfect and I'm so glad we got to "meet" each other! :)

{Jessica} said...

I'm so not ready for it to be over yet. In fact, for me, it's not. Not yet. Still blasting the Christmas tunes and eating goodies!:) Now, let me tell you - December 31st? That's when I'll be sad. Because once January arrives, I'll finally have to admit that the holidays are over again for another whole year! Wah:( All that's left after Christmas is a bunch of cold weather. I wish Spring could just come right after Christmas. Wouldn't that be perfect!?!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Those gifts are perfect, and such a great way to keep the cheer going! Love the card you got and that they included their pup! Such a cute swap!

Brittany said...

So glad that I got matched with you :) Love your reading your blog.

Janna Renee said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you loved your stuff!! I was so happy that you were my {chosen} partner so that I could spoil you ;)