August 19, 2011

Brothers for a week Part Uno

***I have been meaning to post this 4evah but with the crazy work situation never got around to it. Now that I am working 12 hour days waiting for my new strike assignment I figured why not now?!?! This will be something fun and nice to read about for a change too!***

!!!Ummm Blogger is being bootleg and just deleted half of my already written post!!! Sooo not a happy P!nky right now ugh! I am now making this two different posts!!!
During July I had 2 'brothers' for a week, lil RK and OB. {These boys are NOT related: RK is my cousin from MAMA B's side and OB is my cousin from Daddy's side.} Mama B has been begging RK's parents to let him come visit us for a week and then figured lil OB would enjoy the fun too. The boys are the same age and it made sense for them to have a play mate since my sisters and I work and wouldn't be there during the day.

To say MAMA B was excited for them to visit would be an complete understatement...she was JONESIN' for them to get here all summer. Which led to some INTENSE Spoiling if you ask me.

Dis to the CLAIMER: Blogger is making picture layout a pain in the tush so I am gonna be ghetto and keep them grouped by categories. This post will be with the Iphizzle first and the next one will have the camera pics....peachy peachy?!?!?

The boys arrived Tuesday and we promptly took them to a Nats game that night. With matching Strasburg jerseys.
Me mother iz quite ze spoiler no?!?

Just typical Sportyspice, RK and OB

Me and RK

We make funny faces too

Really MORE pictures!!!

Hanging with the Cuz-Cuz

Yes, we bring books to bball games...they are boring sometimes

We had a Dance Dance Revolution party as well. Our poor cousins definitely inherited white boy syndrome. We tried to teach them some moves with dice!

We spent the day at Kings Dominion Theme Park with the kiddies and had a blasty! Like most 10 year old kids they were alittle apprehensive about riding all of the roller coasters, but would attempt a few with some gently nudging. RK is more adventurous and we got him on a few more rides than OB, but even he decided the Volcano was alittle too much for him (one of MY favorite rides though)

Random picture of C and me in line for the Dale Earnhardt ride the Dominator. This is the most exhilarating ride at the part...I blacked out during one of the turns for a hot second. We were able to ride 3 times in a row so that might have had something to do with it.

More Recap to follow!

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