August 18, 2011

{K} to the Kah - RAZY

So, things have been INSANE at my work lately. If you read my last post you know that I should be out of the office right now, on strike duty. Well because someone's desk looks like THIS:
I am not. I am here at the office today...possibly out on assignment tomorrow...who knows where!?! After being told the area I would be working in yesterday, I went for a test drive to the center to make sure I wouldn't be late on my first day (smarty pants over here ya'll). The commute wasn't that bad and SportySpice came along to help me navigate (she is a CRACK-UP Ya'll for realz). While on the road (in a no phone zone btws) I got a call from a fellow coworker on the same assignment and he basically said "Don't report to the assignment they have the wrong expectations of our training". Short of the long, they thought we had WAAAAY more training/experience then we actually do and they were planning to SEND US OUT into the field this morning. OHMIWORD...heck to the neeee-zoooo! Luckily everything was figured out last night and I was told to just report to my normal office for the start of 12 hour days. bueno over hereo. I am exhausted and I still have 4 more hours to go...blech.

I have been pretty vague about what I will be doing for safety reasons, but I figure why not give ya'll a peek. None of these pictures have anything that shows where I am located so it should be fine. (Dear Internet peoples...don't make a fool outta me). Below are pictures from my training pole climbing (not dancing) classes 3 years ago. Not gonna lie...I was the class rock star and had a blasty hanging out in pole climbing class!
Look at that pink monkey up there wink wink!

I am hoping to get my assignment before I leave today so I at least know what is going on. There has been talk this office will be 40 miles away (boooo card) but that means MORE OVERTIME money.

Maybe with all of the overtime dollah dollah bills I can buy this
Oh Haaaaaaaaaay pink speedy!

Or this!
Purdy Purdy Kate Spade!

So for right now I'm going to keep my mind all "Roses and Butterflies" and pray that God will help me gracefully get through this period of transition. If you have a chance, throw up a prayer or two for me okay?!?!

Have a great week ya'll xoxo

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JMB said...

I feel like we both need a day devoted to screaming :)