August 19, 2011

Brothers times 2 part Deux

Now we get to the camera pics....huzzah! And more of the recap too. Basically my mother had the whole week packed with things to do. The boys stepped off the plane and we went to the Nats vs Cubbies game that night. They had a great time and so did the family. C came as well since this was his friend's team and he was in straight baseball boy mode. I wanted him to teach Sportyspice and me how to score and count stats but he was NOT in a patient mood. So she and I made it up and had a great time.

We all had a fun time at the game, as evidence below!

Me and my pretty MAMA B!

Oh hey boyzzzzzzzzzzzz

The boys came to watch my kickball tournament which was awesome. They were making fun of me until they saw how the game actually was played. And later in the week we took them to the batting cages and they tried to play kickball....C pitched to them with now mercy and they had MAD respect after that which was awesome.
In front of the Washington Monument

How Patriotic

All those kids wanted to do was play on the iphones

C gave everyone batting lessons in the cage. The boys did really well and it was cool observing C in his coaching habitat. Sportyspice, Mama B and I jumped in too...I wasn't very good though!

It was a super fun week, but an exhausting one! I love my lil cousins, but having Baskin Robbins every night is NOT something good for Miss Pinky! It was sad to see them go and I miss them a lot. I enjoyed the lil tykes for the week, but am prasing the LAWD I only had 2 lil sisters...haha!

MAMA B and the adopted son

SportySpice and RK

Me and RK

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