August 23, 2011


HOLY MOLY FRIJOLES!!!! I just experienced a 5.9 earthquake here in DC while at work.

That's right, the east coast had an EARTHQUAKE!!! People felt the power in DC, VA, NC, NY, SC, OH and KY! (My bloggie buddy Jess felt it in KY and responded to my Facebook sweet and cute).

I was just sitting at my desk when I felt some vibrations and hear a slight rumbling which actually is common because of construction. But then the shaking became greater and the rumbling got louder and things started moving on my desk. I froze for a few seconds thinking "is this an earth quake" and then DOVE under my desk per being taught in 5th grade. (Sportyspice told me afterwards that is now wrong...go to the doorways instead...ooops) While under my desk I felt everything shaking and watched as my coffee cup fell off the desk to the floor. All I could think was "Am I in a movie? Is this really happening? Will it ever stop?" Once it stopped everyone started talking at once (the office was DEAD SILENT when the earthquake hit) and coming out of their desks.

Immediately I grabbed my phone to text my family since I knew there would be wide spread panic and the lines would be done. Wanna know the second thing I did...CHECKED FACEBOOK and posted OMG EARTHQUAKE!!!!! I also wanted to see if anyone else experienced the earthquake too. How INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE is it that I was checking a social media instead of the news networks for confirmation??!?!? Moving on.

We were required to evacuate the building and EVERYONE was outside on their cellphones trying to reach loved ones. But, reminicent of 9/11 no one was able to get through. I would think they would have known that, and I told people to just text because all of mine went through. I got confirmation everyone in my family was okay which eased my mind. Poor BabySpice was down in the RIC and was miss-informed the epicenter was in DC. Luckily I was able to get on gchat and ease her nerves.
So far there hasn't been severe damage but this is what I gathered from a news story:

"The quake even broke a water main inside the Pentagon, flooding parts of two floors, NBC reported. Initial damage reports from Washington included the central tower at the National Cathedral and Ecuador's embassy. Three pinnacles on the 30-story-tall tower broke off.
Centered some 90 miles south of the nation's capital, the quake was a magnitude 5.9, the U.S. Geological Survey said. Two nuclear reactors near the epicenter were taken offline as a precaution, officials said. No damage was reported at either "

Right now I am still feeling the aftershock (no pun intended) of adrenaline. My body is just on high alert right now. I am thanking God above for the safety of my friends and family and for the so far lack of injury to anyone. Thank you Lord for keeping people sane, I know this could have been much much worse since the East coast is not use to this type of natural disater.

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