August 15, 2011

This Sh*t just got REAL's cussing bad ya' the strike I mentioned last week...yeah, yours truly is now heading out into the thick of it. Despite the fact I was told I would be 'retained' I am now part of the second wave of management employees sent out into the jungle...aka the real world

where people picket
where people scream
where people spit and push.

FYI if you don't hear from me in awhile....but read a lil petite bish is sitting in jail...yeah that would be me. Please send money so my parents don't have to bail me out. I'm telling you...just LET someone try and put their hands on me or spit on me. Their ass will be on the ground faster than you can say 'Assault Charges' and then I'll slap em with a suit.

Ya'll think I am kidding....I wish I was. It's that insane out there right now and I'm not gonna lie...I'm alittle pissed. I was not prepared to head out and have been running around like a CRAZYCHICKENHEAD (bawkbawk...chicken Chicken...haha) trying to get everything ready to head out and work in the field by Thursday...yeah THURSDAY!
Insane in the membrane much!?

So if you don't see much coming from the p!nk world, have no fear ya'll, I will be back. With super awesome stories about working in the field and climbing poles. I said CLIMBING not dancing so knock those jokes of okay?

Oh and if ya'll could send out some prayers that would be spectacular. Thanks girls!


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JMB said...

CAN I just say- I love how you love LOVE LOVE the Lord with all your heart, but BY GOLLY when you get upset - you cannot help but cuss! :) I am thee SAME way!!!! You've got my prayers!! I am hoping all of this has calmed down for you by now!???