August 27, 2011

Hurricane a'commin'!!

"Stand fast! Secure the riggin'!!!!!!"

Can anyone name that movie?!?!? Anyone??!?! Suuuurrriously ya'll, if you can't you MUST turn in your girlie girl card...or your DISNEY CARD!!!!

Answer: Little Mermaid chickees, in case you didn't know!

Yes, we are battenin' down the hatches and securing the riggin' (what is riggin? is it rope? Guess I can turn in my dream of being a first mate or a plain ole sailor)! Moving on....

Well ya'll Hurricane Irene is heading this way and us DC peeps are preparing and hanging out waiting for the storm. Most people are comparing this to Hurricane Isobel but I was in college when that POS hit. We didn't suffer much damage down in my area, unless you count our livers. Yeppers we threw ONE HELL of a hurricane party. Ok, we didn't throw it, we just attend one and man was it intense. Since we couldn't practice the next day all the soccer gals decided to party party party to our hearts content. Since we lived in the dorms we couldn't throw our own party, because we all weren't 21 at the time. Our dorm was on lock down and we were told "Once you leave the building we won't let you back in".

Sooooo long bishes, it's party time. My soccer girls drove to T's college boyfriend's apartment and we got our drink on. I can't remember how many different apartments we visited or what all we drank but I know it was a blast. We all wore our "GET BIG WOOD" soccer shirts (I'll explain that later heehee)hats, sweatshirts and jeans which was so awesome to party in. I'm not trying to be cocky but we CAH-RASHED every party we went too and most of the other girls hated us. Ooops!

I don't remember everything but I do remember I started a dance party on someones living room table (SO SORRY! I would have kicked my hiney...sorry). I was known for anywhere we went so this was nothing new. I don't drink beer so I must have had waaaaaaaay to many mixed drinks and shots (from training room Gatorade water bottles). I have some KILLER pictures that I will NOT be posting, but it was an amazing amazing time. I remember sneaking back in way late night slash early morning and passing out forever. It was a great time and I kind of wish I could do the same thing now.

Too bad my body won't let me, and I don't want to be stuck away from my comfy bed. Such a baby I know. So for now it's alittle mall time with SportySpice and then mimosas and cuddle time with my baby boo bear C. I hope all East Coasters are being safe, praying for you! And everyone else please send prayers for everyone's safety. After working down in Gulfport and New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina I will NEVER ignore a hurricane warning and neither should you.

Soapbox over! Love love love and smiles! xoxo

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