August 8, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I'm back from vacation and promise a full recap when I have the time. I figured why not link up again @lowercaseletters for Miscellany Monday?!?!? Enjoy!

1)Vacation was AWESOME! We go to Tennessee every year and spend a week on the lake with my aunt and uncle and cousin. Yes they live on a lake and yes I am SO JELLY about it!

2)I think I have an ear infection sad face. And this would be the 2nd I've ever had in my life. Guess I'll be heading to the doctor today.

3) MY COMPANY IS ON STRIKE! I don't talk about my work often (safety and stuff) but if you watch the news you know WHICH company I am talking about. Right now we are BAU but it could become 12 hour days 6 days a week....JOY!

4) C comes home today and I am super stoked! Don't hate me but we haven't seen each other in 10 days and I really miss him (SportySpice would KILL ME right NOW)! We normally hang out everyday so the past 2 weeks have been really weird.

5)*****WARNING IF YOU ARE A GUY OR SQUEAMISH SKIP TO NEXT POINT***** I recently found the P Tracker lite app for the iPHONE and I SIMPLY ADORE it! (told you to look away dudes) Seriously ladies if you don't already have this app or don't have system for checking Miss Monthly check this out. You can write about symptoms, pain, any cravings you have. It also gives you estimated ovulation times as well (not that I'm trying to have lil Cs or Pinkys running around within the next few years) but that would be very helpful down the line. And it has a pretty header so your app isn't screaming period time!!!

6)I am enjoying catching up with all of the beautiful blog ladies out there, but can I get an AMEN for NO COMPUTER access over vacation time?!?!?!? AMEN!

7)My daddy bought a lottery ticket at a random gase station on our drive home this weekend and I am crazily hoping he wins! Isn't that how it goes?!?!? Come ON MEGA MILLIONS!

8) I am so INCREDIBLY SAD AND HEARTBROKEN over the 31 service members lost in Afghanistan this weekend. What a sad sad day for our military and their families. It drives me BANANAS that people are more concerned with Kim Kardashian's wedding or Kate Middleton's wardrobe instead of the men and women fighting over seas. If we just took 10 minutes to write a letter instead of checking on gossip THINK of the morale we could boost.

9)I went running yesterday and I don't hurt today....HOOORAY PROGRESS!!!

10)I DO NOT CARE FOR FALL FASHION RIGHT NOW!!! Do you hear me DVF, Burberry, Victoria's Secret, LuLu's, and other stores!!! NO FALL NO FALL NO FALL!!! I STILL NEEEEEED MORE SUMMER!!!!!!!

I hope you all have a fabulous week!!!! xoxxo

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The Sweet Life said...

I absolutely love the lake and I especially love VACATION! I'm so super duper excited for my 3 week vacation in September. If only I can save up enough to not be totally broke once my vacation is over. I'm assuming C is your boyfriend. I'm sure you're so happy to see him. Have a great night!!