August 29, 2011

Miscellany Plus

I'm linking up once again for Miscellany Mondays @lowercase letters!

O-n-e: The week of natural disasters is over thank goodness. I survived hurricane Irene this weekend with NO DRAMA! For Rizzle ya'll. I bought the water, food, drinks, batteries and EVERYTHING and NOTHING HAPPENED at my apartment. C and Sportyspice stayed the night at my place and we watched marathons of NCIS broken up by the weather channel. I have alittle survivor remorse because A TON of people don't have power still today and I didn't experience any problems. Check out this article for the damage control state by state.

T-W-O: If you were in DC yesterday and didn't lose power you wouldn't have KNOWN a hurricane happened...well more in NOVA than DC I guess. I went out with Sportyspice and her old roommate and we had Mexican and cupcakes and went shopping because the weathywas gorgey!

T-H-R-E-E: I drank mimosas, margaritas and sangria yesterday...which was Sunday!

F-O-U-R: My favorite new song is "Booty Work"...sad right?

F-I-V-E: Today marks the 6th year anniversary of hurricane Katrina and NO ONE seems to care. That makes me IRATE! I have done 5 mission trips to Gulfport, MS and 1 to New Orleans and there is SOOOO SOOO Much more work to do. People care more about the VMAS and Jersey Shore than their fellow Americans sad!


I've seen this 10 day Challenge floating around the blogsphere and thought why not today!

  1. I hate feet

  2. Only 2 real life people know about this blog

  3. I secretly hope more people read my blog than just my few followers

  4. I often think what about my life is blog worthy

  5. I've gained 5 pounds and seriously am thinking of going on a diet

  6. I wanna quit my job and run away somewhere

  7. The words moist and penetrate make me shiver

  8. Rom-coms make me believe my life will be okay

  9. I haven't seriously prayed in WAY TOO LONG

  10. I still hope to be a back up dancer for Britney Spears

1 comment:

nat said...

Awesome idea with the 10 day challenge...I keep meaning to do one of those, but I keep forgetting, or bookmarking them and losing them!!!

I think Irene shaped up to leave less damage than expected, which is a good thing. My area was predicted major damage, and not much happened.