August 24, 2011

What I'm Playing Thursdays

Morning ladies! Today is my first time linking up with Sarah Elizabeth over at Belle in the City for "What I'm Playing Thursdays".

--Disclaimer: NONE of the actually videos uploaded from Youtube so you have to click the picture to hear the songs. Can any of you lovely ladies give me some tips?--

*Mami: Kumbia Kings*
(This is my get work done NOW music, I LOVE the beat)

*Muppet Show Theme Song: OK Go*
(Can't wait for the new Muppet Movie)

*Manha Manha Remix: Muppet Show featuring Sandra Bullock*

*God Gave Me You: Dave Barnes*
(Such a pretty love song)

*Remind Me: Braid Paisley and Carrie Underwood*
(I mean come on, who doesn't love this?)

I know this is a pretty eclectic mix of music, but that's how I roll. Can't wait to see what everyone else is playing! Thanks for letting me play along! xoxo


Sarah Elizabeth said...

thanks for linking up girl! I love these songs! If you want to have the video show on share then embed and copy and paste the code into your blogger post :)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I actually listened to that Dave Barnes song this morning - one of my favs! Love this post idea - I may just have to link up next week!