August 11, 2011

Rant-tastic.....for realz

Yup, it's ranting time ladies. You know what pushes my buttons?!?!? Weight. Yup, talking about weight and my weight to be exact.

It's obvious that I am petite girl, yes I know that. I have an athletic build, yes I know. But that doesn't mean that I don't have issues with how I look.

If you haven't noticed my sisters are gorgey...straight beautiful girls that are so CUT and ATHLETIC it kills me normally. Three or four years ago I would be wistful of their 6-pack ab tummies, but pretty happy with the way I looked. However now, that I've put on some weight (because of my stupid injury) the difference between their tummies and my tummy is SO NOTICEABLE it makes me sick.

Yeah, try spending a WEEK with them....on the bikinis...all day.

GOOD BYE SELF ESTEEM....for realzzzzz....
(I love my sisters to death and am not mad or upset with them, just green with envy if you will)

This is not the only problem out there right now though. I HATE IT when I say a comment about my weight and immediately get hit with "oh my gosh you are so tiny, how do you think I feel?" or "Yeah, like you have to worry about your weight!"
UM NEWSFLASH.....just because I am tiny doesn't mean I don't want to stay that way. And actually YES I DO have to worry about my weight, because I want to be healthy. Yes, I use to be that girl who could eat anything and never gain an ounce, so sue me. I worked my TAIL off playing college soccer that's why I was tiny in college (And I don't drink beer, so I didn't have to worry about those empty calories). Now, with a job that is mainly sedentary I am not burning calories like I use to either. I mean ladies, we all know where I am coming from right?!?!?

Another thing that bothers me....when people just assume I'm talking about my weight to hear myself talk or fish for compliments. I don't normally put myself down or ever seem down for that matter. So when I ACTUALLY SAY "I'M DEPRESSED...MY SELF ESTEEM IS IN THE TOILET" I'm looking for YOU to help me deal with this situation. That means saying more than "Yeah I've gained weight too"...really?!?!

I'm not venting to fish for a compliment, but come on guys. There is a time to recognize when someone needs a pick me up and a "You are beautiful, I understand you aren't happy. I am sure once you can really work out you will be fine".
NOTE: SILENCE in Miss Pinky's world doesn't really hack it.

Ugh, I am really frustrated. I try to keep things fun here, but sometimes I just have to be real and put everything out there.

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