September 10, 2011

Blue Skies and Sunshine indeed, 2 songs

Excited much?!?!? Yes I was! After a week of rain the beautiful rays of the sun were a sight to make anyone smile. Those blue skies and clouds gave me a CAHRAVING for mexicano and margaritos, yumo! So I started hitting up people in the phoneo!
After some back and forth I met up with 2 girls I hadn't seen in forever. We met up at Chevys and all I can say is foodgasm. The guacamole was insane and so were the 4 things of chips we consumed. Seriously I barely at my dinner because I gorged on the chips and guac. Drat, ultimate fail there. That and the fact I had 2 frozen spicy mango margaritas (and that mother nature was NOT my friend that day, sorry for the TMI). We stayed way longer than planned but it was great to catch up with them. Check out the damage we did.

Hizzy-heaven right there. I came back and did a quick clean of my place, an at home chemical peel to try and combat the sun damage on my face and nice warm shower. My skin has been insanely itchy because of the rain (random I KNOW) but the shower made it all better. I always sleep better after a warm shower anyway.

This morning C and I woke up and walked to some tennis courts for our daily activity. We both are trying to get some sort of physical activity in once a day. It was fun, we just screwed around for awhile then got all serious and competitivie. We played 5 games and all I can say is winner winner chicken dinner, holla. Afterwards as per the usuz on Saturdays we made a big brunch, and Miss SportySpice joined. While we ate we watch the US OPEN with Djokovic and Federer and it was pretty intense.
(Check out the microphone girl on the left. Look for SportySpice someday in the future, she has decided that is her NEW life's calling)

We left after the 2nd set because it looked like Federer was going to run away with it and we wanted to get some healthy shopping done. Sportyspice is more concerned with saving money than healthy organic eating so I made her come to Whole Fortune to get some yummy eats. We scored some salmon on sale and some fruit too. Afterwards we wanted to enjoy the sunshine and just walked around outside. After she dropped me off I turned on the TVizzle and lo and behold we had a MATCH ya'll.

This one went into the 5th set and after Federer missed 2 match points Djokovic took it. We were both bummed because it seems as though Federer is fading and he such an amazing tennis player. Sorry if I am boring you, but ya'll he is so pretty to watch.

Check out the happy winner. He got pissed when the whole stadium pulled for Federer, but he got the last laugh. Below he showcases his dancing skills, haha!
SportySpice and I were so nervous for the last set that we FACETIMED during the match. Talk about goobers. Our faces resembled this smiley face after the match was over :(!

Pretty flowers I bought myself at Whole Fortune and yummy healthy smoothie I grabbed on our walk. Notice that apple candle in the corner, yep fresh apple is the closest I get to autumn smelling things...I really am not a fan of pumpkin, apple pie or the cinnamon smell. Unless it's Cinnabon flavored.

I had to check on my poor car after the match. Poor Big Boss got mega rained on and Daddy accidentally left open one of her windows. The floor is still soaked even 2 days later. I am trying to use the lovely lovely sun's rays to dry it out. Here's hoping for no mold.

Poor Big Boss, get dry soon!

Okay, now SportySpice and I are off on a walk to get icecream then back here for a mask and more tennis. Such a great Saturday!

Okay this one is hard...I LOVE WAY more than 2 songs. Hmmmm

  1. Booty Work is my new jam! I love it!
  2. Canon in D is one of my most favorite classical songs


Mary and Dyer said...

That mexican food looks soooo yummy! I could eat mexican all the time - literally breakfast, lunch, and dinner! lol! The tennis matches were good today, huh? Can't believe that Fed lost!

P.S. Hope you have had the chance to enter our TIffany & Co. necklace giveaway!

Krystal said...

Love the TPain song too! :)