September 25, 2011

Weekend Recap

Hello and Happy Monday ya'll! It's DALLAS COWBOYS MONDAY WOOT WOOT!!! My Boys better get it done tonight or I will be one unhappy chillin tomorrow.
SPIRIT WEEK HERE AT WORK! Okay not really, I just wanted to wear my jersey! ( love the comments I get at work. When I walked by to get mail, I heard "She's ballsy"...DAMN STRAIGHT, DON'T MESS)

I hope ya'll had a great weekend, because I sure did. It was super fun and crazy business as usual. Full weekends wear me out and guess who had an 11pm game last night, yep this girl. I'm guessing I'll get some sleep on Wednesday night. Thank goodness for the gym!

Anyway, the weekend started Friday because I got to QC THIS video! Oh give my family so many wonderful lines to repeat! Thank you thank you thank you Disney!

I think I got someone else's fortune for lunch!

Me and my Coworker wore COWBOYS gear to work since we live in deadskins country! I am so lucky to have such an awesome coworker and friend!

Friday night consisted of helping sweet SportySpice pack for her adventure to see BlackOps! That's right he's coming home soon and she is so excited. Girls are so funny, we must have put together 3423425 bazillion outfits for the short time they have together. And of COURSE we took funny pictures!

Saturday we got mani/pedis (holla at ESSIE Power Clutch) and then she finished getting everything set to leave on Sunday! As you read this she is WAITING to find out when he lands, I am SOOOO EXITED FOR THOSE TWO!!!
Anyway, then I head down to visit my BFFer from college Miss T! I supported her local police department by attending a PIG ROAST party! $25 buckaroos for all you can drink (beer no helpful para mi) eat (THE FOOD WAS INSANE) and boogie down all night to the super awesome jams of the DJ(her main man)! I went last year and it was a blasty and this year did not disappoint. Our friend F came down too and that just ADDED to the awesomeness!

Since her man was the DJ and it was his bday T got him this awesome looking carrot cake to share!!!

She and a friend also made this cake!!!!

I also got to party with this sweet girl, T's godchild! She was soooo precious and really good with all of the loud noise!

One of the Department's guys is in Afghanistan so they created a cardboard cutout and made him his OWN lil table. It was really sweet (you know how ANYTHING military gets to me) and they had him by the dance floor. Well wouldn't you know these two girls decided he should be part of the fun!?!?!!


T, F and ME!

Ya'll know the bootycall (no not that kind, keep it clean)!?! The bootycall dance! It is hands down one of my FAVORITE line dances ever. But I only hear it down in the MD!!! Does anyone else know this dance? Do yourself a favor and Youtube it!!!! I am a HUGE line dancer btws! All my friends KNOW where to find me if there's a line dancing song on.

We ended the party kind of early, but that's because we started so early. Champagne, Crown&Coke will really hit you. So F and I went back to T's place and hung out while she helped clean up (she's a lil sweetie). F decided to make some awesome drunk sandwiches and I played with this PRECIOUS GUY!!!!

Surrriously ya'll this guy is to DIE for. His name is Deebo and he is 5 months old. Such a precious lil piece of fur! I love love love him! I think I wanna get one now....Hey Miss Jess any pointers on Yorkies?!?!?!

I straight passed out after everyone got home and got some awesome bunk bed sleep! We got up early in the morning, kicked it around made bfast and then I had to drive home. It was a super awesome time and I always LOVE seeing my BFFER!!!! I am soooo sad we don't live together anymore and now live in different states, but it's always amazeballs when we get to hang out

I went into straight CLEANUP mode when I got home because ya'll it was a DIS.AS.TER!!!!! I was able to break in my steam cleaner mop thing (like the shark) and it's the bombdiggity. I love how fresh and so clean clean my place is now....sigh!!!!

Not so happy about this though :(! While cleaning I broke this SUPER awesome decorative ash tray (no i don't smoke I said decorative)! I think it's past the point of no return and I'm bummed!

PHEW, that's a long recap, congrats if you made it through. I am on pins and needles all day waiting to hear from SportySPICE! BlackOps R&R is soooooooo close!!!!! And I received my first BLOG award (thank you holly) which I'll post later today!!! Hope Monday treats you well friends!!

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