September 9, 2011

Rando Frido and Threeo Filmos

It's raining, it's pouring, Pinky wishes she was snoring...sike,
I don't snore!
 For realz, quietest sleeper EVER ova herre!

Anyhoo (throwbacktomiddleschool) it's a random rainy day...again! Now, I am not complaining at all because I KNOW how much I hate it when weather causes facebook statuses to say the same thing. However, I just KNOW the lover bugs in Houston and other parts of Texas could use some of this rain. I already sent the rain a message tell her to bug off, but that we can still be friends. She really needs to get her priorities straight if you ask me.

But the nice thing about rain is no one can question my super awesome RAIN BOOTS and jeans!
Okay the jeans aren't that cute right now, but love my boooooooooooots!

Rainy cold days also make for yummy oatmeal for bfast days. And ladies, check out this AWESOME find! If you like oatmeal, chocolate and eating clean this is for you!
Yup that says DARK CHOCOLATE! And did I mention ORGANIC!?!?!
Pahlease tell me this isn't the GREATEST idea ever? Seriously, who brings a measuring cup to work. Chi? check! mirror? check! food? check! measuring cup? sike! Well now you don't need one. Just use the packaging. JEAN-YUS I tell ya!
Yummy chocolatey goodness! And it's pretty filling too.

All this nastywasty rain has led to a few problemos over in the DC neck of the woods. Check out this awesome new set up at my work.

Nice hose right? Well you see, that hose is taking water OUT of our data center to the outdoors. Yep, our data center and sub flooring is flooded due to the rain. Craziness right?

This is the courtyard at work today....sexycanI?

Texting about her cuppiecakes and what she sent back after looking at the picture above.

Such a nice teacher no?!?! And yes, you saw correct, my dad had 3 hour commute today. His normal commute time is usually 20 minutes. Bless his daddy heart!

  1. Gone with the Wind

  2. Disney/Pixar Movies (Despicable Me, Up, Lion King, Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo,) ya dig?

  3. SPY GAME! WATCH THIS MOVIE, it is amazing

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Mary and Dyer said...

Cute rain boots!! And that hot chocolate looks so yummy!! Organic & Dark Chocolate? Sold! :)

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