September 15, 2011

What I'm Playing & So What Thursdays


YAAAAAAAAY!!!! I love link ups!!!! Such a fun and noncreeper way to find new blogs!

I'm linking up with the BIRTHDAY WEEK GIRL Miss Sarah and then Neely for:  It's ok....... LOVE Disney Movie a little too much... talk smack to the opposing team at a soccer game. you only beat us by 1 point and we had 8 players on the field and you had 11, not something to be proud of... be rude to the referee too! Hey, if he had called a fair game I wouldn't have been mad... be excited to sleep in my OWN bed ALONE... be mad it's only in the low 70s over here. I want heat back...
...that my apartment is in complete DISARRAY for NO reason...
...that I would have screamed at my previous roommate if she had left one thing out... be SO THANKFUL i live alone...
...that I am not living with C. Yes we live right next to each other. Just because we live close DOESN'T mean we should live together...
...that I don't want to live with a boyfriend until I get married. Not judging you if you do, so please Don't judge me...
...i will be going out three nights in a row. and will probably be sooo tired afterwards...
...that the only reason i am excited about fall is because it means i get to steal my boyfriend's clothes. boy sweatshirts....sigh...'s okay that i secretly really really really wanna win Kristen's giveaway. Her blog is one of my absolute favs, you really need to check it out. And join her giveaway (but really don't cause I wanna win...hahaha).


"Blow the Whistle" Too Short

I heard this song on the radio and couldn't get it out of my head.

"Show Stopper" Danity Kane

I recently busted out my two Danity Kane cds! I really liked this group back when Aubrey and D. Woods weren't too big for their britches. It's a shame what fame can do to people

"Devil Went Down to Georgia" performed by Scythian

The guys in the band are AWESOME! I know them through my best friend's husband, he grew up with them all. I LOVE their cd but couldn't find any of their songs on Youtube. They will be big someday!

"Old Blue Chair" Kenny Chesney

I always pull this cd out when it's nice outside. Such a great change of weather from rainy last week.

"The Way you Love Me" Faith Hill

This song is so much fun and makes me happy!

"Despicable Me Theme Song" Pharrell Williams

I had to view this movie for work (suckstobemerighthaha) and was reminded of how awesome the theme song is! Pharrell Williams = MUSICAL GENIUS!

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Vicki said...

Hehe - "join her giveaway" "but don't cause I wanna win" ... LOL! I love it :) Too cute!