September 7, 2011

WILW and 5 Foods

Since work is a lil cray-cray because I took yesterday off, I am only posting some quick loves and day number 5 of the 10 day challenge.

1)I'm loving I got to sleep in my own bed last night. My bed is my haven and I missed it sorely (pun intended) this weekend.

2) I am loving how happy my sister was when she received her "Happy First Day of School Georgetown Cupcakes" I sent yesterday. And I am loving the fact the nastywasty rain didn't ruin them.

3)I am loving that in ONE MONTH I will be in VEGAS with my team! GO IB!

4)I am loving what this month means with this guy!


  2. I love seafood

  3. French Fries should NOT be so calorie laden

  4. Larabars are one of my new loves

  5. Does wine count as a food?


Kristen said...

I totally agree, french fries should not be so heavy on the calories. :)

Courtney said...

What a cute sister you are to send cupcakes. I wish my sisters would do that for me =)

Kit said...

Great things you are loving today :)