September 8, 2011

It's OTAY & What I'm Playin' & 4 books

Huzzah it's a 3 day work week!!! That's right, I'm only working 3 days this week...holla at a THURSDAY!!!! Love my Thursday link ups, they really get me movin!

First, I'm linking up with Neely of "A Complete Waste of Makeup" for:

It's OK...

...I'm wearing jeans for the second day in a row at the office. It's nasty outside.

...I AM NOT excited for fall because of said weather, bring back the heat.

...To be more concerned with my blog today than work...ooops!

...To have copped an attitude yesterday when C ticked me off.

...That I JUST figured out how to get an email notification for comments.

...To be SUPER excited for the NFL starting tonight!

...That I am happy the rain will cancel my kickerball game, I need a break.

...To wish it was already the weekend :)!

Second, I'm linking up with Miss Sarah Elizabeth of "We're Just Like You Only Prettier" for:

I was JAMMING to this song whenever it came on the radio during my 9 HOUR CAR RIDE! Thank goodness for Pitbull and Neyo :)

Cheese&taters on this one but I have been watching NCIS so much recently, this song is constantly playing in my head. Maybe a new ring tone?

LOVELOVELOVE this song, wish I could share the music video too. I LOVE SEAL, his voice is so calming!

This was my FAVORITE song on Taylor's new album, so glad she released it!

I adore this movie, and the musical score is enchanting! If you ever need some calming music (like I always do) pull this up and I promise you won't be disappointed!

CANNOT get enough of this song!

I LOVE TO READ so this is really hard!

  1. In My Father's House by Ann Rinaldi (hands down one of my favorite books. yes it is young adult and I still reach for it when I get the urge, so good)

  2. Any historical fiction book, I am a SUCKER for them!

  3. In a Heartbeat: Sharing the Power of Cheerful Giving by Sean and Leigh Ann Tuohy. (If you liked the Blind Side you MUST read this book. It delves into the depth of the Tuohy family, they truly are remarkable.

  4. The Bible by God (I TRY to read it, I really do! I WILL GET BETTER)


lil desiqua said...

YAY for email notifications!!
I've had a 4 day workweek and still can't wait for the weekend, but at least it's already Thursday! So happy I'm not the only one that will miss the heat!

Have a great day!

Amanda said...

I'm more concerned with my blog some days too lol!