September 6, 2011

Home again Home again


After 9+ hours in the car I'm HOOMMMEEE! Can I get a HOT TUB!?!?! (State Farm commercial anyone?!?!?) Sorry if not...I'm a little bit loopy from being in the car for SOOO LONG!!!

I'll publish a catch up post later on, but right now I am detoxing my face so I figured I would play on here too. Anyone else out there feel nastywasty after being in the car all day? My face loves a good mask after a day of traveling. I very much enjoyed my relaxing travel weekend, but I did miss all of ya'lls pretty bloggy faces!

Yes, I walked in the door 30 minutes ago and am already blogging....and drinking wine...with my stuffed dog Dodger! Hi sweetie!

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend. I'm now off to tackle this mess...don't judge!


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