September 22, 2011

It's OK * What I'm Playing * MAKEOVER --


HAPPY MAKEOVER TO ME!!!! Special thanks and love to Miss Jenn at Munchkin Land Designs. She was an ABSOLUTE DOLL to work with throughout the whole process. Surriously I had SOO many questions and preferences and she created this amazing design, which is so much better than I expected. If you want a blog lift, check out her site now, I PROMISE with a cherry on top that you WON'T be disappointed.

***RIP Old header. I love my new design, but am a little sad to see the old header and design go. It was my first attempt in blog creation and while I definitely will leave it to the pros (JENN you rock), I am proud of what I created. Thanks lil bloggy you served me so well!***

Now, onto Thursday link ups. First it's over to Neely's for:

It's Okay......

...that I am stoked about my design. I know it's super pink and girlie to the max but I LOVE IT!!!!...

...that I am not going to my soccer game tonight... be late to work all week. I promise next week I'll be back on track, it's just been soooooo rainy here!!!...! feel utterly and completely IN LOVE with C and still be in that happy bubble where 'nothing' can touch us... STILL be wishing for warm weather, fall me no likey... 'QUALITY CHECK' every Disney movie we have at work...hey, someones got to do it. And SO WHAT if I watch the same 3 more than once... pray to God that the Cowboys beat the deadskins this Monday night. SUUURRRIOUSLY might kill my team if they don't,

...that C has NO IDEA that I blog. Only 3 people know, is that weird?... already be stressing about a blog swap thingy I am participating in. Gulp what if my gift sucks and they all hate me?!?!...

Now on to Miss Sarah Elizabeth's for:

"Just a Kiss" Lady Antebellum *Loving their new songs*

"American Honey" Lady Antebellum *Early in our dating C told me this song made him thing of precious!*

"All I Wanna Do" Sugarland *C and I both LOVE this song*

"Stuck Like Glue" Sugarland *Our song*

"Giddy on Up" Laura Bell Bundy *Not in my theme but soo fun!*

I know these are much older songs, but they mirror where I feel in life! Hope ya'll have a fabulous day!


Amanda said...

I lOve your new makeover!

Caroline said...

My parents don't know that I blog and I've been doing it for 3 years. My hubby, friends and inlaws know, just not my parents.

Jessa said...

You design is AMAZING! I don't know who knows that I blog. I'm pretty sure my husband does not because he would likely be super annoyed that I've talked about him. My ex-husband however does read.

Holly said...

I'm now following from It's Ok link up!

I like your blog design! There can never be too much pink! My honey knows I blog but he never reads it. My entire family knows too but only mys sister reads.

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

PinkLouLou said...

GUUUURLFRAN- yo blog be looking FIIIIIINE! Love it!! xoxox us pink gals gotta hang togetha ;)

Jessica said...

Your blog is so cute!! And I absolutely love Lady A!!!

Abby said...

I just discovered your blog and let me tell you...I am HOOKED! Your layout is so lovely and I'm a huge fan of everything pink :)
xo, Abby @styleprincess.