September 1, 2011

Links x 2 and 7 wants!

Today is a busy busy blog day! I'm doing 2 link ups and my "10 Day You Challenge"!
I'm linking up again with Miss Sarah for "What I'm Playing Thursdays"! Quick shoutout to the beautiful belle, 'thanks for helping me figure out how to embed the videos! You are such a sweetheart!"
Booty Work by T-Pain (Keep on doing what you doing)
{ how hilar is the YSL shirt the dude is wearing!?!}
You Make Me Feel by Cobra Starship (I'm the baddest baby in the atmosphere)
Hell on Heels by Pistol Annies (Baby I'm comin for you)
Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye (You didn't have to cut me out)
{disclaimer the video is alil weird but the song rocks!}
Now I'm linking up with Neely at "A Complete Waste of Makeup".
It's okay....
That I slept in till 7:10 this morning. That extra 45 minutes was amazing.
That I pulled my hair in a pony since I didn't have time to wash it, don't worry I showered.
To spend money on a new blog design even if I don't have many readers.
That I didn't pack last night like I should have, that's what tonight is for.
That my father spoils me and is letting me take his convertible for the Labor Day weekend trip C and I are going on.
To not be looking forward to a 9 hour car right...yuck!
To NOT BE EXCITED ABOUT FALL!!! Bring back summer!
That I am making C watch the US Open with me. I had to watch baseball so ha!
To have the same few songs on repeat!
To secretly hope for 1 or 2 comments from the link ups!
  1. Riding boots  
  2. LV Speedy
  3. Dresses 
  4. A puppy 
  5. More makeup 
  6. New Essie fall line 
  7. More Sleep


Sarah Elizabeth said...

yayyyy hell on heels!!! you are so welcome..glad I could help you! thanks for linking up again :) xo

Amber said...

Don't worry about not washing your hair, it's healthy for it sometimes :) Thanks for linking up girl!