September 27, 2011

Cowboys WIN!!!!

WHOOP WHOOP! They did it, they did it, they DID IT!!! Yup, my Boys are 2-1...tied with the Giants and the Skins in the NFC East....HOLLAHOLLAHOLLA!!

I mean thank goodness. The game was UGLY UGLY UGLY!!! My Boys couldn't even SCORE a TOUCHDOWN!!!! Yup all Field Goals! But oh well, as they say in sports a WIN IS A WIN! And MAN DOES IT FEEL GOOD!! Skins fans can't say shizzle about their team now! Whoop!

I was very impressed with Romo's performance last night. He was playing with a broken rib and definetly looked like he was in pain the whole game. He PEELED himself off the ground a few times, but never gave up. There's a really funny article called "It's cool to be a Romosexual again!" Say WHAT!?!?! Not sure I'm a Romosexual yet, but I was proud of him last night.

Excerpt from a Fox Sports article here

"""Tony Romo's broken rib hurt so much he needed a second pain-killing injection. His center had a tendency to snap the ball too soon or to the wrong spot. And he couldn't get into the end zone no matter what, not even with a first down on the 2-yard line.

Yet Romo and the Dallas Cowboys did the only thing that mattered. They won.

Dan Bailey kicked six field goals, including a go-ahead 40-yarder with 1:52 left, and linebacker Anthony Spencer forced a fumble that teammate Sean Lee recovered with 28 seconds left, giving the Cowboys an 18-16 victory over the Washington Redskins on Monday night.

''It feels good right now because we won,'' Romo said, smiling and wincing. ''I'll be all right.''

Romo was 22 of 36 for 255 yards. His best stat was simply lasting all four quarters
. """"

Great stuff BOYS, now keep it up next week!

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