September 21, 2011

Get the FUNK outta here

Yeah I said it...what?!?!? I was all set to write a funktastic post about all of the millions of things WRONG with my life at the moment. Yep, it was a H*U*G*E pity party post and rant and I was gunning for it. Grey cloud and everything, even though I had just written a happy "What I'm Loving" post. Screw that nonsense, I am ticked/scare/upset/and OVER IT and was ready to let the world know.

Enter He who is greater and more knowing than I, my blessed Father, God. He KNEW I needed help and sent me sweet surprises and happiness today, when I needed it most. I have been amazed ALL DAY by His Grace, His Love and the examples He sent me to say "Sweet child, all is well, I am with you and you are LOVED"!

I was greeted this morning by a voicemail from this PRECIOUS PRECIOUS CHILD! Yep he called me!!!!!

Okay well HE didn't call me but his awesome Mama did and let him speak to me. Apparently he saw a picture of me and said "pinky, here, home" which in big people language means "I want Aunt Pinky to come here to my home now"! BREAK MY HEART I almost cried. There is NOTHING in the world better than hearing a child you care so much about say your name and request your presence. I couldn't STOP smiling the rest of the morning. I am soooo excited to see him in 2 weekends, he literally melts my heart. Thank you sweet Lord for such a precious angel on earth!
I got very little sleep last night and was running late AGAIN! And ya'll know what that means....45 second shower, no time to do hair or make up and lucky for me JEANS and tennis to work. You always KNOW when I don't have time to do my hair because it goes UP! Thankfully my makeup helped hide my nasty tired face. I hate feeling I don't look as nice as I could or should, it really brings down my mood. But, wouldn't you know a COMPLETE stranger, whom I've never seen in the building told me today he 'Liked my hair up. It is a different and great look for you'! He was talking about this?!?!?
Yes, this hair style was given a compliment. You can bet I had a pep in my step after that. Thank you Lord, for giving a stranger the need to tell me he liked my hair. It truly cheered me up!

There were other kind and cheery things that came my way today, but those were the TOO that made the most impact on my mood. Of course, a girl still needs a little retail therapy right?!?!I am so thankful for Caramel Salted Mocha's, the new Essie nail polish line, a fun fall (but not pumpkin) scented candle and my new purse (from the weekend). I probably didn't need to spend the money I did but I am THANKFUL I am blessed enough to enjoy the extravagance.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you so much for your LOVE and understanding. I truly do not deserve Your grace and kneel in awe at all that You are. I was ready to pout and instead you sent me small reminders of Your love and of the LOVE that is in the world.
In your Almighty Name, Amen!
Sweet readers I pray and hope that YOU have a great day today. If it's not, look for the small happy details in your life and strive to embrace them instead of the bad. I know that the days ahead are still going to be bumpy and draining, but I KNOW I'm not in it alone. And neither are you! xoxo


Ashley said...

love that your crappy day turned right side up! calls from little cuties like that definitely get the day off to a bright start right! ;)

happy wednesday doll!

Mary and Dyer said...

Aww love this post! It is true that He know how to give us what we need when we need it! And that little face def made me smile too :)

Hope that you have had the chance to enter my Tiffany & Co. necklace giveaway! It is about to close! :)