September 28, 2011


Happy Wednesday ya'll! I'm linking up again with Jaimie for What I'm Loving Wednesday! Come join in the fun :)

{one}I AM LOVING THAT BLACKOPS and SportySpice got to see each other yesterday after...9 MONTHS apart!!!! He is back on R&R so they get to spend the week together yay! For some the whole recap post go *here*!!!

{two}I am Loving that my Dallas Cowboys won on Monday Night Football against those deadskins! It was a ugly ugly game, but at least we won!

I don't mean to offend anyone, but it's THAT SERIOUS being a Cowboys fan here in DC

{three}I am Loving this lil guy named Deebo! My bffer T got him 5 months ago and he is sooo totes presh

{four}I am LOVING the fact that next week I will be in VEGAS with my lover bear, BabySpice and my Kickerball team!!!! I can't WAIT!!! (please pray my company keeps it's ish together so this trip happens! pretty pretty please, thanks)
Last year we did a quick whirlwind trip and didn't get to see very much of VEGAS! This time we're doing it right and getting out there early and planning fun things!
I can't WAIT x 2 because my good friend LA lives out there, WHOOP WHOOP!!! Last time we visted her I forgot to take a picture, so this is what I created...I'm a moron!

{five}I am loving all of the fun inside jokes my family has. I know everyone says this but my family totally rocks and we are goobers at the same time. Suuuriously all of the inside jokes we have around Disney Movies is TRULY SCARY!

{six}I am loving my new purse, the fall Essie line (rocking Power clutch on the tootsies and hands, thank you mani/pedi) and the Caramel Salted Mocha a la Starbucks. I'm not on the fall bandwagon yet, but getting closer!

{seven}I'm loving that I'll be gettin my hurrrr did tomorrow! I am in desperate need of a dark fall chocolate brown before Vegas!!!

{eight}Yup I'm still loving this hottie-bo-bottie! Can't wait to be in Vegas with you honeybear! Love love love!

Have a FABULOUS Wednesday Ya'll!!!


AmandaDF said...

Have tons of fun in Vegas! I just took off Power Clutch-LOVE! I pretty much want the entire fall Essie collection haha

Amy Rene said...

great things your loving today! have fun in Vegas! sounds like super fun :)

{I've got a Kate Spade giveaway going on right now & would love to see you there!}