September 2, 2011

Randomness Friday and 6 places

It's Friday and it's random.

But did you hear me....IT'S FRIZZLLE-FRIDAY HUZZAH!!! So thankful the weekend is here...and stop the's a



Can you tell I'm an eensy bit stoked?!?

And I get a 4 day weekend cause I'm taking of Tuesday as well!

Okay random list time:

1)I'm driving my dad's car this weekend and truly feel blessed to have the best father in the world. Big Boss (my car) had been a doodie-head and the ac is still broden and I was NOT looking forward to that on a roadtrip. Daddy B to the rescue! Did I mention it's a convertible...sigh, I'm so luck I know!

2)I hate long car rides. I have the attention span of a gnat...more than my commute in the morning is too long in the car. Praying for little traffic so I dont lose my mind.

3)I had a random guy try and climb in my car yesterday morning on the way to work. No joke..I was Skizared. I thought he just needed directions when he tapped on my window at a light. But, I kid you not he said "You can give me a ride"...yeah NO I CAN'T SCARRY!

4)I might have packed 7-10 outfits for a 3 day weekend...and 2 will probably be at the pool. Don't hate, I really don't like being unprepared.

5)I made these amazing brownies last night. homemade brownies+peanut butter+marshmellow fluff+homemade ganache = to die for!

6)I'm tired and ready to sleep!

  1. Spain: Been there want to go back

  2. Italy: Never been want to go so badly

  3. My bed: I so comfortable I love it

  4. The beach: waves crashing and sun tanning

  5. Hawaii: yes please

  6. My own home: can't wait to own a house

1 comment:

Ashley said...

oh my goodness....random man at your window?! not ok - be safe love! hope you're having an amazing weekend!