September 14, 2011

WILW and 1 picture

Good morning good morning good morning! It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the tank is clean..
THE TANK IS CLEAN!?!?!? (gotta love that Nemo Movie)

It is a lovely Wednesday over here in DC and it's time for WILW with the lovely Jamie at "this kind of love"! Come play along with me!

1) I am love love love loving the abundant sunshine that has been gracing the DC area this week. After a week of dreary drabby doom and gloom the sun has come out to plaaaaaaaaaaay! :)

2) I am loving FISH TACOS that I had for the first time yesterday. My good friend N is an amazing cook and we try to get together once a month for dinner dates. This time she suggested cooking fish tacos and I said why not! I LOVED THEM! SOOOOO GOOOD!

3) I am loving this weekend is goobernugget Babyspice's bday! We are gonna spend Sunday at King's Dominion to celebrate...WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOO!!!! LOVE YOU SISSY!

4) I am ABSOLUTELY loving Jenn from Munchkin Land Designs!!! I have wanted a new design for awhile now, but was shy to pull the trigger. I am SOOOO glad I found Jenn, because she is an absolute GEM (get it) to work with. She perfectly created my design and I can't WAIT to share it with you. If you are in the market for a new design, hit her up, I promise you won't be disappointed. (Wanna sneak peek?!?!?!?)

5) I am loving the fact we are getting closer to the end of the month! I love you Sportyspice!

6) I am loving this organizational sheet I found on a new blog! Especially the water glasses part.....need to drink more water.
Today is the last day of the 10 day Challenge! WHOOP! I think I did pretty well, despite the fact it wasn't a consecutive 10 days, but WHATEVS!!!!!!!!
Today is One Picture of yourself!

Here I am!

Have a great day everyone!


Krystal said...

Fish tacos are the best best best. Can't believe you were missing out!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love fihs tacos i can never pass them up if i see them on the menu they are just too delicious!!

Stephanie said...

Love that organization sheet! Gosh knows I need all the help
I can get! Happy Wednesday!

Fash Boulevard said...

hey girlie. so happy you're enjoying the sunshine. super glad i found your blog. you had me sold at fish tacos. lol. i'm following. I'd love if you'd check out my celebrity fashion and style blog and see if your interested in following too. Thanks love. xoxo