May 16, 2013

Back To Basics

 I'm one baaaaaaaaddddd puddy tat...

Yep, mega bad.

April was a horriblé month for my health.

Mostly due to it being birthday month,
but also because it was recovery month 
after the Tough Mudder.

My body is FEEELING it so now it's time to

1] RAW clean eats!!! Okay, not 100% RAW because I love me some meats and eggs, but I need to get back to eating with a RAW sense of purpose per say. Mostly fruits & veggies with protein and HEALTHY fats & carbs. NO MORE processed crapola. Garbage in...garbage out.

2] Early Bedtime!!!! Oh sweet sleep, I can never get enough of you. And, you are the FIRST thing that reminds me when I've picked up bad habits. Late bedtimes mean very few morning workouts and that's no bueno. The only late bedtimes I'm okay with are the late bedtimes after sports, cause I can't give up my sports. I need to make a conscious effort to try and be in bed NO LATER than 10 when I can.

3] LOTS OF WATER!!! We all know the benefits of drinking water, but it's so easy to forget. I've been making it my mission to fill up my tumbler cup at least three times at work. So far so good, but maybe I can up it to four to keep full :)!

4] Morning Workouts!!!  There are SO many benefits to morning workouts; the workout is already done, your metabolism kick-starts earlier, there are less people to deal with and it's much cooler come summer time. I've been lacking in my morning workouts and can tell a big difference in how I feel during the day. Yes, getting up around 515am is no picnic but the rewards will abound. I can't wait for it to be warmer in the mornings so I can start running outside and using the outside gym. THIS is a must, my workouts need to get back on track.

5] Start 10 Miler Training!!! That's right, I'm running the Army 10-miler again this year and I'm stoked. I had to miss out last year cause of kickerball, but will be joining the rest of my family for the race. I know I'll be good, I just ran the 12+ mile Tough Mudder, but this race is 100% different. I need to start training my legs and body for long distances, instead of just my normal 2-3 mile runs. I miss running, a lot, so I'm MEGA stoked I have this goal to keep me training and training hard. Did I mention Le Fiance will be joining in the fun?!?! WOOHOO!

These are all super simple tasks, that are SO EASY to implement if I stick to my guns. I wish I was one of those girls who could just change 1 small thing and feel a difference but I'm not. If I want to achieve the look I have in mind it's going to take daily, conscious choices about food and exercise. But, I'm hoping I can make it happen!
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Neri said...

Birthday months can be rough but good thing we can always start all over! I think it's so awesome that you're caring for your health properly!

Sparkling with Sneakers

Alana Christine said...

This makes me tired just reading it. Kudos, girl!!

Jenn said...

Im sure you're going to rock all of these, like you always do. And probably not give yourself credit for the awesome-sauce choices you make and activities you do. But, you're amazing. Remember that. Love, Me :)

Illegally Blonde said...

Love my 5am workout much better than after work, sucks but gets my day going. I need to eat better too I have been lazy in the single life.

Carolyn said...

You can do it!! :) :) :)

Katie said...

You have more will power than I do! As I was reading I'm thinking yea I would probably never. So good for you girl!!

The only thing on that list that I do accomplish is lots of water. I bring my tumbler to work & fill that thing up several times a day.

Nikki said...

refocus and kill it!

Cece said...

Great goals! I hear ya on the raw/clean eats. I just came off a juice fast and I'm sticking to clean eating for the next to days. To start. I'm trying to change my mindset. I WISH I could do morn workouts. I just can't do it so I suffer after work instead and getting home late.

Courtney B said...

A 10 miler?! Girl, you are AMAZING! I want to know what your training regimen is for that!