May 24, 2013

Today I Confess A Mess

I confess . . . Kim Kardashian just needs to go away. Chica sent MUSIC boxes as her invitations for her baby shower. And the ballerina looks like her and the box plays Kanye's song....I mean really...GO AWAY!

I confess . . . I'm still sore from the manhandling massage I received on Wednesday. Homeboy straight WORKED IT OUT on my body and oooooh nelly, I'm still feeling it; in my back, shoulders, neck, and glutes [minimus and maximus]. He told me I needed to stop working out [yeah right] and that I needed to come back and see him often. More massages, yes please...who's paying?!?!?

I confess . . . I think I'm going to try and get reflexology massages more often. My massues asked the owner to come in and work on my feet [because I was so ridiculously tight] and even though I hate feet, this was incredible. She was able to tell that I don't sleep well, enjoy a glass of wine at night, hold my pee [what?] and slouch ALL from how tender my feet were. CRAZY right?!?! Check out this chart!

I confess . . . My panties were in a twist after reading a blog post yesterday. I understand that blogs are people's tools for sharing their feelings, thoughts and they have a right to say whatever they want. But....shhewww eeeeee, sometimes people need to THINK before they write. I probably shouldn't say anything here [DONTJUDGEMECLO] but hey, it's my blog, I do what I want.

I confess . .  . I am 2304820348 gobzillion  kinds of nervous for this weekends trip with my family and C. We are ALL driving TOGETHER in one minivan for nine hours [there and back] for my cousin's high school graduation. C likes the quietness of driving and if you've learned ANYTHING here on my blog, it's that the Brady Bunch IS NOT quiet. Here's hoping it goes well and he doesn't ask for the ring back and run for the hills after this trip.

I confess . . . I have renewed my crush on a literary character thanks to a blog yesterday. I was reading a post and all of a sudden the gorgeous face of Gilbert Blythe was staring me down. OH swoooooon! He was my first crush, so dapper and dashing and so sweet once he grew up. Anne Shirley you better be STINKIN' happy with this hottie!

I confess  . . . Google made me cry with their doodle. SO BEAUTIFUL!

Happy Happy Friday friends!


Christelle said...

Wow, I had no clue a reflexology massuse was like the pshyic of the body world! That's pretty cool!

Good luck on the road trip this weekend! Hehe! :)

Alana Christine said...

I almost fell out of my chair laughing at #1. Thanks! bahaha

Illegally Blonde said...

Yu will be fine in the car... breathe or drink wine before, but do not hold you pee! Love you

Holly said...

Kim Kardashian. Should have been gone loong ago! The music box thing is so tacky since she made it all about them. It's a baby shower, it should be about your baby!

Interesting about the massage. Who would have thought so much info is stored up in your feet?!

Jenn said...

Everything is going to be FAB on your trip this weekend! You and your ring are safe haha

I need/want a reflexology massage. I wonder if they'd be able to tell me my future, too, if they can tell that you hold your pee (wth?? haha)

I loved the google doodle! So sweet!
Love ya!

Carolyn said...

I would never judge you friend!! :) Have a great long weekend!

Jordan Hansen said...

Ahhh, Gilbert Blythe.. He really is beautiful.

Also, I literally laughed out loud at Number One, and couldn't agree more!!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Blah - I am sooooo tired of all the Kardashians!!! They all need to go away... :)

LaynahRose said...

That foot thing is crayyyyy cray! She told you that you hold your pee?! What the what?! Also, I definitely googled Kim k's invitation because you made me really curious haha.

Eliza said...

Seriously with the Kim Kardashian thing? That makes me a little nauseous. She's definitely obsessed with herself. That being said, I'm addicted to her show. I love to hate her i guess?

Stopping in from the blog challenge ;) and your newest follower!