May 1, 2013

Flower Power Wedding Edition

Saturday morning I met with a florist for
a consultation for my wedding. 

I met with a consultant from BrookHill 
here in the NOVA area.

I'm an uber lucky girl because one of my
best friends from high school's mother
[did you follow that]
is the co-owner of BrookHill.

I knew when the day of wedding planning arrived
[eeeek it'ssss here aaaaaaaah]
Brookhill would be my florist.

And y'all, they do AMAZING WORK.

Do yourself a favor and check out their
photo galleries, straight gorgeous. 

My friends mother is the sweetest lady,
 but 100% honest when you ask her opinion. 

Unfortunately, she is slowing removing herself
from working at Brookhill, but she said 
she would help out for my wedding!
 I'm LOVING that I will KNOW
the people creating my wedding arrangements.
The mother was pretty much my second mom
during my junior and senior year of high school,
so she knows me and what I LOVE!

EEEEEK! I'm so excited. 

Ok, now that you have some back story,
on to the consultation.

We spent the first hour going over 
times, dates, colors
and looking at swatches, my wedding shoes
and talking about the overall feel for the wedding. 

 He really understood my vision and  
I'm LOVING all of his great suggestions.

After the logistics it was time to 
pick flowers for bouquets

I'll be 100% honest,
other than the colors for the bridesmaid bouquets
I REALLY had NO IDEA what I wanted.
[tell me you're surprised ;)]

I mean, obviously PINK and fun and happy,
but I walked in there without
ANY IDEA of what I wanted for MY bouquet.

I've gone back and forth recently,
with the color of my bouquet.

There was a time I want an

There's just something so romantic and magical
about an all white arrangement. 

But, I've also envisioned myself
[being the pink girl I am]
having my bouquet being a 
show stopping pink arrangement. 

My favorite flower has always been 
the Star Gazing Lily
so I've thought about using that
as my main flower in my bouquet as well.

I mentioned ALL of this to my florist
and then basically said
"What do you think?!?!?"

He suggested going the pink route,
since I'm a pink girl
and then showed me different pictures
of some of the soft pink bouquets.

I did realize that I want a bouquet
with a bit of texture instead of
just a big circle of one flower.

After lots of pictures and talking
we came up with an arrangement
using some beautiful flowers.

Of course NOW I'm LOVING

Soft pink roses

Medium Pink Spray Roses

Blush Pink Areca Orchid Dendrobium

White Lisianthus
Source: via Mrs. on Pinterest

I'm still not 100% sure WHAT my bouquet will look like,
but I envision something similar to THIS in color
[NOT PEONIES though]

There will also be some pretty pink and clear bling [duh]
and I will have just a bit of a greenery collar. 
The bouequet will be wrapped in a beautiful ivory ribbon
and I'll have my KIA bracelet and a brooch
of my late grandmothers attached to the handle.

I'm LOVING all the flowers we picked and
CAN'T wait to see what they create.

I know it's going to be GORGEOUS.

Next we worked on the bridesmaid's bouquets.

Pink and Green
with accents of orange.

With that in mind, we put together 
an arrangement of the following flowers:

 Mini Green Hydrangeas
Source: via Erica on Pinterest

Orange Spray Roses

Light Pink Titanic Roses

Shocking Versillia Roses

Basically I envision their bouquets looking similar to this,
but without the orange orchids

Super fun and bright right?!?!

I'm LOVING how happy those colors look together.

Annnnnd they aren't SUPER pink
so C will be happy. 

I'm LOVING all of the ideas 
the florist and I came up with and how
fun the whole process was.

I'm LOVING the fact we're UNDER BUDGET
with extra things added in I didn't expect.

WOOOO to the HOOO!

Oh man, I can't WAIT to open those boxes
on my wedding day. 

I'm LOVING that I'm one step closer
to walking down the aisle

 Linking up Jaime
and Michelle 



I love hydrangeas!!! I had them in my bridesmaids bouquets. Gorgeous pins.

Jenn said...

I really like the soft pink roses and the medium spray ones. And then the last one for the bridesmaids is SUPER cute

Illegally Blonde said...

Yay flowers! Yay color!! I am so glad you went with pinks and texture. I loved my bouquet and preserved it. Happy Wednesday.

Courtney B said...

Sooooooo EXCITING!! I love how the planning is coming together :) I can't wait to see your bouquet!
The only flower I KNEW I wanted in my bouquet was the star gazer lily, and my florist put the rest together! And did I mention I used dry silk flowers?! My bouquet looked (and still looks) totally real! I tried to find a link to a post with my bouquet but I'm not having very much luck right now, ha ha. So look at my blog Friday (if you remember) because it's our anniversary so I'll be posting wedding pictures and then you can see my bouquet :)

Nikki said...

I love the Lilly's as well! They were in my flowers along with some bling and some sore pink and white and ivory roses!

Anonymous said...

They all look amazing! I'm sure they are going to be gorgeous and so will you. I AM LOVING that your wedding is right around the corner!!

Dani said...

I love flowers. I had a pink and white bouquet and I loved it.

Rebecca and Lori said...

What a beautiful post! Whatever you wind up with will be gorgeous, I'm sure!

sergio castaño peña said...

this is super! such a sophisticated flowers!!
i stay here, love your space

Carolyn said...

YAY! :) I love all of your choices! SO PRETTY!

Carlos Green said...

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Wang Jing said...
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Wang Jing said...

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