May 24, 2013

Blog Every Day in May [Day 24]

Day 24, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits
What, I don't have ANY!!!!
 okay, I'm sure my friends/family would disagree, haha!

Ok, well I DON'T sit around and smoke, let's get THAT POINT straight right now. But, I am a queen procrastinator, and often I'll be lazy and then HOLY GUACAMOLE something has to be done. I look back on my life and realize how much I missed out on or how much BETTER I could have been at something if I had taken more initiative. I still catch myself being lazy or wasting when I KNOW I shouldn't [cough cough, wedding planning, cough cough], but I think I've gotten better and doing what needs to be done. But, I think I will always be a procrastinator, I'm not like all you type A women who check things off your list immediately.


I make ^ face more than I should and it's bad. I'll judge people walking in weird outfits. I'll judge the super put together girl. I'll judge couples. My sisters and I will sometimes play the 'make up a story' game, and mine aren't always the nicest-est of stories. I admit when relaying stories I can be judgmental and embellish to make myself sound better. If I don't agree with someone, I often won't tell them but will then rant/chat about it to someone else. I judge others there, I've said it. This is constantly something I try to work out, but I very often fall short.


Grudge holder
I never thought of myself this way, but it has been pointed out by certain people[ahem sissys ahem] that I tend to hold grudges. Personally, I don't believe this one bit. Eeeeeeeeeeeh, ok, maybe a lil bit. I have found that I hold grudges more FOR friends/family than for myself. If someone has wronged them, they are enemy #1, despite the fact the person wronged has offered forgiveness. I am fiercely loyal to those I truly care about and sometimes get Mama Bear protective, even if they don't need me to protect them. I wear my heart on myself, so I've been burned....A LOT! I still show my heart, but if you've seriously wronged me, I'm less abot to fully forgive and move past the situation. Annnnnnnnd, yes, I do hold grudges with close friends and family and SOMETIMES they come out when tempers flare. I'm USUALLY a very fair fighter [usually], but yes, I can hold a grudge with the best of em. 

now that you've read my dirty laundry.


Jenn said...

I think we all have moments where these apply, so you're not alone.
And I think the last one (the gif is amazeballs, BTW), in terms of being protective, is nice. I know I've felt the protective vibe from you in terms of people who have been not so nice to me, and I appreciate the Mama Bear :)

Anonymous said...

Def not alone. Totally guilty of being a grudge holder as well! Happy Friday!!

Alana Christine said...

Don't judge me, but I'm a judger as well. Some things I just can't resist making a face at...

Carolyn said...

I definitely have all of these traits too friend. Don't feel guilty about it! :)

Jen said...

Isn't it funny how this blogging challenge is turning out to be like therapy?! There's been so much introspection this month thanks to Jenni and her challenge. I'm so glad I followed the linkup here to your blog :)