May 19, 2013

Blog Every Day in May [Day 19]

Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them
I would be hairpoof, curl, fluffed and awesome makeup product-less, if it weren't for Miss Pink Lou Lou. She was one of the first blogs I stalked followed and has become one of my all time favorites. Chica loves her pugs, UK, happy hours and LIFE. She is so beauty knowledgeable and I love her humor too. But, don't just think she's all fluff and no substance, no siree. Home-girl keeps it real, blogging about her life ups and downs and tackles some pretty serious topics from time to time. Miss LouLou recently created her how beauty/hair/makeup business and I WISH she could travel to NOVA to do my hair and makeup for my weddding. Iz sadz she lives so far awayz. Do you LouLou? If not, you totally should!

Oh my girl CLO of Life, Love & Puppy Prints where do I even start? CLO came into my life via a blog swap and it was hands down the BEST decision of my 'blog life' ;)! She and I talk every day via g-chat and she and I have shared some superfun and superfunny talks. CLO has been a lifesaver while I've been planning my wedding because she's so organized and a champion cheerleader of me and C. I wish wish wish she lived closer so she could be at my wedding. In spirit right girlie?!?!? #spicypinkcrayolasforlife

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My sweet sweet friend Janna, of Perception is Everything is just the bee's knees. Chica just has the BEST lookout on life and situations and is constantly challenging me to look for the right 'perception'. She's a PROUD Army wife and one of the strongest women I know. If you ever want BUDGET advice, EMAIL JANNA! That's actually how our friendship started. I posted about sucking at budgeting and chica emailed me with the most detailed and informative plan EVER! Right then I knew she was a keeper and an amazing friend. We've been lucky enough to have shared a blate and I can't wait to see her again [wish it was at my wedding, but darn that distance]!

Illegally Blonde
Ms. Illegally Blonde is one of my newest friends and has become one of my dearests. She is a former pageant queen and a current lawyer and just an AMAZING example of a Christian woman. I love reading her truthful and raw blogs posts and getting a peek into the world of pageants. She and I will text during the week and we both seem to KNOW when the other needs a bit of a pick me up or smile. While we are in different places in our lives, we are able to connect through our faith and personalities. I can't remember EXACTLY how I found her blog but I'M SO stinkin' glad I did. If Miss Thang didn't live so far away, I would totally love to have her to party with on my special day. Darn that Texas being so far away.


Jenn said...

Woop woop! I can't wait to be there for your special day and all of the other special days to come!! :)

Laura Darling said...

I can't wait to check out some of these blogs!!

Ashley said...

this has been one of my favorite posts to read on this blog every day challenge. i've been exploring new blogs all night because of it :)

Carolyn said...

You're definitely on my top 5 list as well my friend! :) And I so wish I could be at your wedding! You know I'd be dressing this baby bump in the brightest pink dress I could find! :) LOVE YOU!