May 13, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Hello Friends and hello Monday!

Instead of griping about the week starting
I'm enjoyed the great
weekend I just experience.

This was a full weekend of working out,
wedding stuff and celebrating family.

1] C enjoying the 'registry' gun.
2] Our Save the Dates our OUT!
3] All the pretty pink envelopes
4] I'll register YOUR FACE
5] Daddy using the hair dryer to dry ink on the address labels
6] Brady Bunch family rock climbing date
7] My heirloom china pattern from my late grandma
8] I'm a rock climbing MONKEY!

A couple of notes:
* I'm so flippin' glad Save the Dates are out. I was seriously stressing, but now that they are in the mail I'm okay and much more relaxed.
* Anyone who says registry is ALL fun is lying to you. Sure, it's a fun time once you're there, but figuring out exactly what you want is a struggle. We both found some fun items and had some laughs, which was nice, but we were there for 2 HOURS! I'm glad it's taken care of and now I can just 'add' to things online.
* My family is so active, it's really crazy. Our rock climbing adventure on Saturday was a blast. We all had fun and kicked butt.
* I love celebrating Mama B. She is amazing and works so hard for our family, keeping us all happy. We enjoyed a Korean buffet, homemade cookies and champs [champagne] after church which was a blasty. LOVE YOU MAMA B!

This weekend was incredible, and 
then I got hit in THE MOUTH at my soccer game :(

I have cut on the inside of my lip
and my right ear is still stinging,
but I think I"ll be okay. 

This DEFINITELY leads me to believe
I'll need to stop playing soccer at least
three weeks before the wedding, if not more. 

NO BRUISES or chipped teeth PLEASE!

So tell me, how was your weekend?



Jenn said...

so glad you got the Save The Dates out! I know you were stressing! Super fun with the gun! haha
Stop getting hurt! Who hit you? I'll find em!! :)

Illegally Blonde said...

I can just see you walking down the aisle with a black eye, bloody nose and bruises.... very sexy

Nikki said...

MBT and I were talking about going rock climbing soon!

Holly said...

Love all those pink Save the Date envelopes. They're so you!

Hope you're feeling better. Sounds painful!

Georgina said...

Ahh be careful lady! Wishing you a speedy recovery (and congrats on getting your Save The Date's out!) xo

Carolyn said...

OMG! Registering AND save the dates?!?! Look at you crossing stuff off the wedding list! :)

Ashley said...

hope your little mouth is ok muffin!! and wow - save the dates out?! you rock! said...

Your getting married on my birthday. How cool

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

OH NO! You poor thing! I've somehow never been hit in the mouth during any sports that I've played (still play) Thank God (knock on wood!). I hope you're feeling better now!

Thanks for linking up :)

Janna Renee said...

You are so tough! You take the pain better than anyone ;)