May 17, 2013

Blog Every Day in May [Day 17]

Day 17, Friday: A favorite photo of yourself and why



I almost picked a pink sparkly picture,
but wanted to shake it up a bit.

This picture was taken last summer at the lake
and it was a random picture by Babyspice.

I love how gritty it is
and how I'm not smiling.

I'm NOT the best nonsmilerpicturetaker.

I usually look angry or CRAZY,
so I rarely even try anymore.

I think Babyspice captured my inner
seriousness and intensity.

 Lil miss glitter and champagne
looks more like
lil miss skateboards and straight Jack.

I love how I look here.

Yes, that sounds conceited,
but hey, the prompt asked!


Jenn said...

Babyspice has some skiiiiiiiilz!
Loved this picture when I first saw it, still do :)

Anonymous said...

You look great all the time but def lovin that pic!! Happy Friday girl!

Alana Christine said...

That is an awesome picture!!

BREI said...

Love the picture! You look so relaxed!

Bitzy said...

Thanks P!nky and Jenn for recognizing the skillz! I had a LOT of fun playing with my camera settings that day and I'm glad some of the pictures came out well!

Carolyn said...

I like that picture too! :)