May 4, 2013

Blog Every Day in May [Day 4]

Day 4, Saturday: Favorite quote and why you love it

"and you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, 
with all your soul, with all your mind, 
and with all your strength." 
Mark 12:30

This is one of my FAVORITE verses. 
Clear cut instruction, that's what we humans need.
We must LOVE our God wholly, and fully, not just
when it's easy for us. I find strength in this verse.
I find HOPE in this verse. 

"Do all the good you can. 
By all the means you can. 
In all the ways you can. 
In all the places you can. 
At all the times you can. 
To all the people you can.
 As long as ever you can. "
John Wesley

Despite being raised Methodist,
the first time I heard this verse was in 2005.

One of the team members was opening our daily service
with a devotion and used this verse.

I remember literally feeling bowled over by the command. 
HOW SIMPLE is life?!?!
I have this verse printed and hanging 
at my home. 
All we are called to do is GOOD
for as long as we are able,

I try to remember this verse 
when I'm stressed
annoyed or helpless.

Every lil bit counts. 

Life's short, you  might as well be amusing.

I found this on someone's Facebook
a gobzillion years ago and it's stuck with me. 

I like to laugh, I like to make people laugh
[at or with me]
and I don't want to be boring.

Easy, peasy, fresh and squeezy!



Jenn said...

All of your quotes are great!
I've never heard the second one but I really like it!!
And, you know me, I love to be amusing and to be amused by others haha

Alana Christine said...

Thanks for sharing your favorite Bible verse, pretty sure it's highlighted in my Bible!
I LOVE the last one--I like to think I'm amusing. haha